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    YBN’s great nude summer of 2011

    Youthful energy driving us on!

    This summer we have been here there and everywhere, travelling around the country having fun in different places.

    Many clubs have invited us to join in with their summer festivities and allowed us to host YBN weekends; as always, we have to choose only a few of them to attend, this year being Manchester, Heritage, Nottingham, Spielplatz, and Ashdene, while we also have the volleyball tournament to look forward to in a few weeks.

    We’ve partied with fancy dress discos in our best Hawaiian outfits at Heritage and showed the active sporty members how to play volleyball once again at their home grounds; we had an amazing UV-glow party in the evening at Spielplatz which got the dance floor lit up with multi-coloured UV paints and their very own DJ Mark’s famous music keeping everyone awake and dancing until the early hours... and we sunbathed at Manchester, using the extremely hot weather which we booked especially for the occasion!

    YBN co-hosted the Great British Skinny Dip event at Spielplatz this year whilst having our weekend festivities, showing the club our great energetic spirit whilst bringing along many youngsters who were new to naturism and the idea of public and social ‘nakidity’, which was a great success for all.

    We have also been hosting facilities and dedicating a lot of our time to an enthusiastic film crew from ZKK, a London-based documentary production company. We’ve been working with them for a new documentary aimed at advertising and normalising naturism and ‘nakidity’, especially among the youth of our country. Working with an award winning director, not only YBN but other clubs and individuals have been working together and along-side one another to help make this hour-long documentary into a huge success, with content that we want, in the way that we want it said.

    The documentary should be shown on Channel 4 in the early part of next year and we are very hopeful that it will not only re-educate people in the way we would like things to be said about our way of life and common beliefs; we also hope that it will entice many more teens and youngsters to our friendly and family-orientated world of YBN, showing the country that there is somewhere to go and a community to join to enjoy a naked way of life!

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