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    The Forum Live - interviewing Hannah Miller

    We're delighted to bring you the news that Hannah Miller from BN's charity of the year, British Heart Foundation (BHF) will be our guest next Monday, 22nd February.

    Hannah is a Fundraising Manager with the charity and has worked in the charity sector for nearly 10 years, having previously held roles at the Alzheimer’s Society and the RSPCA.

    At BHF, Hannah works with individuals, organisations, and companies to help them achieve their charitable ambitions. She loves to meet volunteers and supporters and hear their inspiring stories and reasons for supporting the BHF’s lifesaving research.

    Away from work, Hannah is also passionate about fitness and health. She has a BSc in Sports Therapy and is a ride leader with the British Cycling Breeze programme, and a Parkrun volunteer.

    Hannah did her first skinny dip in 2019 in Scotland after being introduced to the idea and found it exhilarating and free(z)ing but went and did it straight away again! She is now looking forward to attending her first British Naturism event. 

    During our evening’s presentation, Hannah will be talking about the BHF’s pioneering heart research and sharing news of the upcoming BN events, including the inaugural Naked Heart Walk and the relaunched Great British Skinny Dip.

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