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    BN beach day at Studland

    The super summer weather has been allowing us to make use of the great beaches this country has to offer. Despite what many people think, it is perfectly legal to strip off on any beach, a beach does not have to be 'official' or 'designated' for Naturists to be able to use it. Of course, it is easier to select those ones that have been used for costume-free sunbathing over many years - you are likely to find more like-minded people and those who might want to complain about normal human beings enjoying the sunshine stay away.

    Colin wrote in about his day at Studland:

    My partner Anne and I went to the BN beach day at Studland and despite cloudy weather forecasts we had bright sunshine most of the day. It was Anne’s first visit to Studland or in fact any BN event and she was pleased to see how good the beach is. Great to be welcomed with a coffee at the BN gazebo.

    Thanks to Colin and Anne for the picture too.


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