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    BN Election Process for 2015

    Under the Bye-laws the Executive Committee are responsible between General Meetings for running the affairs of British Naturism. Volunteer members of the Executive Committee are elected by individual members in the period before the AGM is held. They serve a term of two years from the end of the AGM.

    In 2015 the posts open for election are:

    • BN Directors
      • President
      • Vice Chairman
      • Treasurer
      • International
      • Youth

      [*]Regional Coordinators

      • Eastern
      • South West
      • Yorkshire & East Midlands

    A nomination form and details of the roles and responsibilities of each of these posts are available from the office or can be downloaded from here.

    A person wishing to stand for election must be a current paid-up individual member and have been so for the previous 26 consecutive months. No member is eligible for election to more than one role at a national election. A candidate must give a written undertaking that he/she has an exemplary naturist record and declare any relevant criminal record.

    Candidates must obtain supporting signatures for their nomination from five other BN individual members. These signatures must be gathered by the candidate and submitted together with the nomination form and other required items. The candidate must make a personal declaration, giving a brief account of his/her private, business and social life, and specifying any involvement with other naturist or allied organisations. The candidate must also provide a current photograph and an election address of not more than 400 words - if it is, it will be cut at 400 words.

    The candidate’s election address, personal declaration and photograph will be published in the summer issue of BN magazine together with those of other candidates.

    Timetable for 2015:

    • March - nomination forms available
    • April – closing date for receipt by BN – 15th
    • June - voting papers and details of candidates published with the summer issue of BN
    • July – close of postal vote 31st;
    • August - ballot papers counted - results announced in the autumn issue of BN magazine
    • August - closing date for AGM motions - 12th - AGM paperwork mailed with the autumn issue of BN magazine

    October AGM –11th – keep an eye out for details

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