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    BN Members' Holidays in 2020

    Our members-only group holidays programme is very popular. Perhaps it’s the fact that each holiday is hosted by someone looking after your needs and making sure everyone has a good time. Perhaps it’s the company of like-minded BN Members or it might be the variety of Naturist resorts and types of holidays to choose from across the year. Whatever it is, you'll be pleased you came.

    Trips, activities and group gatherings are arranged on every holiday to keep you entertained. Some attract an additional cost.

    Whilst we have a lot of experience of running events in the UK, BN is not a travel company and so for your security and protection we have asked the UK’s number one Naturist travel company Chalfont Holidays to run the programme for us. They are ABTA and ATOL bonded, giving you and us complete peace of mind. They will make all of your travel arrangements including flights and accommodation, provide your group leaders, arrange your  welcome meeting and create the activity programme for each holiday.

    Chalfont Holidays is a commercial tour operator. They will take care of all the administration including paying costs relating to the resort, the leaders and the activities and trips. They will issue information to guests about all aspects of the group holiday including the details of the activity programme. Please note, therefore, that any holidaymakers not using the services of Chalfont Holidays cannot automatically expect to be part of the group, will not gain the same protection or the services of the group leaders and will miss out on important communications.

     Don’t forget, for those who’d like to share accommodation and cut the cost, Chalfont Holidays will do their best to find you a sharing partner.

    Destinations for 2020 are:

    Fuerteventura - Monte Marina

    Spain - El Portús 

    Rhodes - Naturist Angel Hotel

    Croatia - Cruise

    Corsica - Tropica

    Lanzarote - Charco del Palo

    South Africa - Sun Eden


    Tel: 01753 740176



    Chalfont Holidays provide a personal tailor made service. The price of your holiday will depend on where you fly from and when you travel. All accommodation prices are discounted for these group holidays…and you can be sure they will help you find the right deal. Please contact them for a quote.


    Edited by Andrew Welch

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