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    British Heart Foundation - BN’s Charity of the Year!

    We are pleased to announce a new venture. We have named British Heart Foundation (BHF), as British Naturism’s Charity of the Year and will work with them throughout 2020, raising funds and awareness.

    The health and well-being benefits of a nude lifestyle are well-known to Naturists and BHF also place emphasis on healthy living and lifelong wellbeing, so our relationship is a natural fit. The partnership will raise our status and make us visible to people who have never contemplated Naturism. At the same time, we get to raise money that will directly benefit the population and combat diseases that could affect any of us.  We’ve already agreed to support the charity in connection with an event - the BHF Naked Heart Walk - which takes place at the beautiful Painshill Park in Surrey, next June, on the summer solstice. Please register your interest now. We’re indebted to BN member Philip Baker, who along with Alan Peill and Keith Hillier-Palmer make up the East Sussex Coastal fundraising group, and raise funds for BHF and whose idea the event was.

    We also want you to participate and spread the word about it! BHF are putting much effort into the event and we can expect to receive a lot of attention, including from the media. A press release launching the event was issued by BHF today.

    This event alone is an outstanding opportunity for us. We all know people who are sort of interested or amused by the concept of Naturism, but too nervous to give it a try. The prospect of raising money for the third largest charity in the UK will provide an excuse for many to cross that barrier, and we hope to see many people trying social nudity for the first time in a safe, rewarding environment.

    Throughout 2020, we’ll also be encouraging members, groups and clubs to get behind the British Naturism Charity of the Year initiative and put on fund- and profile-raising events. There will be a lot of support from us and our new friends at BHF both in terms of how to put on an event and deal with the fundraising aspects. It’s an obvious hook for the Great British Skinny Dip and we expect many more swimming pools to open their doors (and their minds) to nude sessions when it’s being run in support of such a good cause.

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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