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    Changes planned as we look to the future

    Over the last few months, the BN Management team have been looking at restructuring the office function to provide a better service into the future.

    The review affects most paid employees and contractors. It is felt necessary to put emphasis onto the recruitment of new members, without whom BN would cease to exist. The Commercial Manager role is to be focussed into this area, with a consequential reduction of Andrew Welch’s tasks. The General Secretary has reduced her working hours and needs to be able to delegate aspects of her role.

    In order that the many tasks undertaken by the Commercial Manager and General Secretary continue, two new roles are being created. These are Volunteer Coordinator and Office Manager. Both these roles will be located at the Northampton Head Office. The Volunteer Coordinator is a semi-voluntary position. Semi-voluntary means that it is a paid role, with the expectation that time and effort will be given to BN voluntarily beyond contracted hours.

    This is a common arrangement that organisations like English Heritage and the National Trust use, although most National Trust volunteers are completely unpaid. If you visit a National Trust property, almost all the people working there are unpaid!! Also, there will be an administration role created.

    All existing staff will be able to apply for all roles. It is hoped that, in particular, the Volunteer Coordinator and Office Manager roles will be filled by naturists or naturist-friendly people!

    The EC will be presenting a motion to the AGM to finally complete incorporation. Incorporation will require BN to meet statutory requirements for any company, and good commercial practice is to tender contracts on a regular basis to ensure that best value for money is achieved. Consequentially, major contracts are being tendered. This is no reflection on the quality of people that fulfil those roles.

    An advert for all roles appears on the News section of the community.

    Officer elections have taken place for four EC members. The results are:


    Judith and George have been co-opted in advance of their appointed term into vacant positions. John and Brian were previously elected into their posts. Congratulations to all.

    There have been two resignations from the EC for varying reasons. They are Marion Damen as international Officer and Daryl Jones as Youth Officer. In addition, Jim Russell, Sports officer, will step down at the end of his term of office (October AGM). The EC thanks them all for their valued contributions.

    Two people volunteered for the International Officer role and at the EC meeting on August 5, Nick Caunt was co-opted. Welcome Nick to the EC, please give him your support for what is a very demanding job.

    To help Nick concentrate on enhancing our relations with overseas federations and the INF, Andy and Patti Wyman were asked and have agreed to become leaders of the Holiday Advice team.

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