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  • Andrew Welch
    Andrew Welch

    Clacton Bike Ride - BN speaks!

    BN were asked to comment on the points raised in articles like this one (there were plenty more, and it reached the National newspapers too...)

    You can listen to the recordings here:

    BBC Essex - 9 minutes in, Wendy Prescott-Shovelton from Springwood club, Colchester, and 1 hour 14 minutes in for Andrew Welch of British Naturism

    Mark Forrest show - broadcast over the entire 39-station BBC local radio network - 12 minutes in for Andrew Welch again.

    We're lucky to get these high profile opportunities to reach millions of people, but it doesn't come for free. BN is a membership organisation, run by volunteers with a small paid staff. Come and join us and help us to do more - over 500 people already have in 2013.

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    We are so lucky to have Andrew as the voice of British Naturism. You did a really good job Andrew; thank you.

    Lots of people seem to think that Naturists have vast swathes of Britain's beaches to roam across, it may be worth finding out what the percentage of the total coastline is officially 'naturist'. It may also be worth pointing out that none of the 'official' beaches are disabled friendly. 

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    There is less than a mile of designated naturist beach out of about 7,000 miles of coastline.

    Research and Liaison Officer

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