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    Holkham Beach Success

    A week or so ago we sent a formal letter, prepared by David Wolfe QC, to The Crown Estate setting out the legal arguments as the first step towards judicial review. The Crown Estate letter informing us that they had lifted the ban arrived only minutes before we were going to sign the contract engaging Bindmans to prepare the papers for judicial review.

    We will be providing further information at the Naturist Convention this weekend, tickets are still available, and there will be a press release and articles in due course.

    As far as we know, the ban by Holkham Estate who own the dunes and the beach above mean high water, remains in force.

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    As Malcolm says "As far as we know, the ban by Holkham Estate who own the dunes and the beach above mean high water remains in force.


    The letter from Crown Estates came in just before 1.00 pm today (Wednesday).  Malcolm and I will be meeting with Holkham Estates and others at the end of October 2013 and we hope that further clarification will be able to made after that meeting. 

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    Quick question what does high water mean - does this mean we can use the beach further out from the coat line or is there still a ban on the whole beach?

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    Malcolm Boura and I attended the meeting at Holkham Estates on 22 October 2013 that was arranged following our meeting on 16 July 2013.

    Also in attendance at the meeting were representatives from Holkham Estates, the Crown Estate, Norfolk Constabulary, and the Managing Agent for the Crown Estate.  Natural England was unable to attend.

    The meeting was advised that following the ban on Naturism on 1 July 2013 there had been no further incidents in the dune area.

    Several of those present believed that the problems in the dunes was directly caused by having the Naturist beach at Holkham, and if the Naturists stopped using the area then the problems would be solved.

    A way forward that was generally agreed would be to zone parts of the area and restrict access to the dunes.  There is severe erosion so that needs to be done anyway.  Then, create a buffer area between the dunes and the Naturist area of the beach.  With this arrangement, there would be a distancing between the Naturist use and the illegal/sexual activities.  The boundary between Holkham Estate and Crown Estate ownership is mean high water but that is very vague.  It changes as the shape of beach changes and high water varies with both the calendar and the weather.  We suggested a pragmatic solution.  Decide on a defined line that all parties would agree was the boundary for the purposes of defining a preferred area.  There will need to be signs to inform everyone, both naturist and non-naturist, of the boundaries.

    Since the meeting, I have received some archive information from 1985 and 1991 when there were similar problems of activities in the dunes.  Naturism was banned from the dunes, and both times the problem was solved.  Who says that history does not repeat its self.

    Malcolm and I left the meeting after about 1-¼ hours.  The other parties remained to continue their discussions and to date we have heard nothing further.

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