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    Holkham Naturist Beach to Close?

    The closure is due to the ongoing complaints of anti-social behaviour and is scheduled to come into effect on the 1st of July.

    Conservation Manager at the The Holkham Estate, Sarah Henderson, has said: “It is sad we have been forced to take this step due to the persistent anti-social behaviour of a minority of people. The management and control of these activities has been an increasing concern to me and my team who look after the reserve so we have had to take action to ban all nudism. We have consulted with the police and discussed the issues and options. The decision has been made to implement a total ban for the better management and future safety of all our visitors.”

    This is of course an unfortunate situation for all Naturists who have enjoyed visiting the beach over the years, and it is too worrying to all Naturists in Britain who may now be wondering what the future holds for their local Naturist beaches and resorts.

    Representatives of British Naturism have been speaking to numerous journalists and reporters to express BN’s concern over this decision and British Naturism will also be working with The Holkham Estate to find an alternative solution in which the problems can be addressed without the complete eradication of Naturism from the beach.

    BN have given the following statement: “It’s a great shame that the Holkham Estate have chosen to take this action and we look forward to working with them to find a better solution. We have experience of similar issues on other beaches where we have worked with landowners and other stakeholders to eradicate the problem. It’s a pity that a small minority of people that have nothing to do with the Naturist community spoil things for the rest. Naturists have used Holkham for many decades and enjoyed a healthy, wholesome, relaxing, fun and family-friendly activity on this stunning beach. It also may surprise people to know that there is no law against simple nudity and so the whole concept of a “ban” is questionable. The thousands of Naturists making a pilgrimage to Holkham beach are also spending money locally in hotels, restaurants, shops and car parks and so the wider community benefits. An IPSOS-MORI poll in 2011 revealed that there are 4 million Naturists in the UK.”

    British Naturism is an organisation run by volunteers and relies on members' help and subscriptions to do its work on behalf of all Naturists. If you are not a member, come and join us

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    User Feedback

    Was the beach completely closed or was it converted into textile? If a bunch of drunks on a textile beach is behaving anti-socially, throwing obscenities, disregarding kid presence, will the textile beach be converted into naturist because of that? What if this 'minority' decide to have sex on a textile beach? Will all the rest of textile beachgoers be punished with closing the beach where it happened? Hey, I believe this kind of behaviour has happened once in a while in EVERY beach. Why don't close all of beaches in the whole country? Or better convert them to naturists and keep such until anything anti-social is complained again. Then keep toggling, go in loops. Let us switch beaches with textile then back, then back again. Amazing business. Now we got a nice technique for converting any beach into naturist, I think. Walk in a textile beach and watch for anything anti-social. Once you see it, run to police and complain. Don't forget to point out that this kind of ASB is highly specific to a textile beach. The more complains the better.


    Too bad I'm not in Britain. I would definitely give it a try. But all Spanish nudist beaches are safe with their status. No much reason to start playing the switch-beach here...

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