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    In Danielle's defence

    Danielle Lloyd is not shy of publicity and, according to Barnum, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Danielle has had her moments. In 2005 she was crowned Miss Great Britain only to have the title taken away after posing for Playboy in 2006. Then there was that awkward moment in the Big Brother House with Shilpa Shetty.

    Now the ex model and TV personality has managed to upset a handful of her half a million Instagram followers by promoting a massage mat with a photo of her posing with her four young sons. The photo looks strangely candid. Strangely because it looks professional and composed but taken in her living room with everyone and the massage mat crammed into one corner.

    But it wasn't the odd setting that upset the snowflakes. It seems that Danielle, quite sensibly, likes to feel the benefits of the massage mat without her bra strap getting in the way. I've never worn a bra, no, honestly, but I would imagine that the clasp bit on the back, specially, might dig in a bit when you're lying on the mat and rather detract from the benefit.

    To be fair, what really irked this “unhappy few” (sorry Will) was that she forgot to put her top back on when posing with her four sons. How shocking! But anyone who feared the young boys might be forever traumatised by the reminder of what their mother's breasts looked like, should take comfort in the fact that the boys look perfectly comfortable with the situation. Indeed they look like quite nice well adjusted children to me. Despite being forced to sit on the floor in the cramped corner of what I suspect is probably a very nice large room in a very nice large house.

    Oh, and I should add that the other half a million of her followers either had no opinion on the matter or came swiftly to her defence. Which is nice.



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