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    Locals petition against Irish nude beach signs

    From the good to the ugly, by way of the bad, Naturism is once again in the press. After the welcome maturity of the last couple of news articles, The Irish Sun has seen fit to lower the tone again with its writer, Kieran Dineen, childishly filling his article with tired and immature clichés such ‘erect’ and ‘bum’s rush’.

    The story concerns the failed attempt at designating Ireland’s first naturist-friendly beach as such. Incredibly a petition against the plans signed by just 33 locals, alongside a handful of additional objections, have all proven to be enough to halt proceedings for putting up public notices around Hawk’s Cliff, Co Dublin, informing the public that the area is clothing optional. The real irony here is that the area had been historically tolerant to nude bathers but simply lacked any explicit signage identifying it as such.

    However, more than all of this, the truly alarming result of the report is the evidence of a deep, dark prejudice against those who practice Naturism: that designating a beach as clothing optional would “bring people in that shouldn’t come into the town” because it “does not send out the right message.” I, for one, can only see one incorrect message being sent here…

    So, to all of those bathers now seemingly denied an officially designated area to do so nude, we British Naturists share your frustration and fully support you. Ireland is a truly beautiful country with stunning coastlines and that it lacks a single, official stretch of it for nude bathing is a remarkable loss. May this swiftly be changed!

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