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    My Daughter the Teenage Nudist

    Mollie and Alex are part of a growing group of teens and twentysomethings who are embracing the world of public nudity - a contemporary phenomenon that's been driven by Facebook as well as niche websites like The Naked Tea Party. They are on a quest to normalise nudity, question the media's obsession with the body beautiful, and encourage other young people to liberate themselves by simply going naked - in the streets, cafés or at art shows. The new nudists are keen to take the nudist lifestyle beyond the old fashioned naturist clubs. So why is this pastime increasing in popularity and what do the parents think about their child revealing all in the most public of places?

    British Naturism are delighted to have been fully involved in this excellent film. We worked closely with production company ZKK over the Summer of 2011, helping them to find people and places. The documentary shows how attitudes to social and public nudity are changing, especially among younger people, who are finding it fun and enjoying the sense of freedom going without clothes brings and challenging the validity of cultural norms.

    So, forget your hang-ups, forget what you mother said about "modesty" and treat yourself to a better life. There's a wonderful world of regular nudity out there just waiting for you - with events, holidays, online communities, magazines and more.

    Come and join us, you have nothing to lose but your clothes - and everything to gain: membership information and online joining details.

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