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    National Survey of Naturist clubs

    Last autumn Diogenes Sun Club approached us with a request to circulate to our members a survey they had created to discover the attraction to particular aspects of club life.


    We suggested that we worked together on a more in-depth survey, which would assist other clubs to develop, thereby improving facilities and attracting more members. The survey was launched at the Alton Towers BN event in November, 2014 –both online and on paper. Respondents tapped on ipads and mobiles and checked boxes with pens, ensuring opportunities for all, club members and non-club members alike. It was later advertised in the BN forum, and the link was circulated in the BN ezine email. The timing was chosen to coincide with the Diogenes ‘Way Forward Group’ investigation into facilities and fees for the future.


    Here is an analysis of the results by survey initiator Tanis Lang – a copy of the full results is available from the office.


    The top 10 most important facilities:


    1 Friendliness of members
    2 Sunbathing areas
    3 Ease of joining
    4 Tea- / coffee-making facilities
    5 Camping / caravanning
    6 All facilities included in the membership fee
    7 Social events
    8 Nude evening events / socials
    9 Outdoor pool
    10 Lounge / quiet area


    Not altogether surprising when you attend BN events or venture on a Naturist getaway. Everyone offers a friendly welcome, and friendships in clubs and through BN events seem to flourish quickly, sharing a common outlook and philosophy.


    Sunbathing is, of course, the reason many people take to Naturism, by finding themselves unexpectedly on a Naturist beach or just seeking that all-over tan!


    Many clubs offer stringent joining processes, which is, of course, important to ensure the safety of all members, including children.


    We are lucky that most clubs provide tea- and coffee making facilities, which would go hand in hand with socializing and our obvious caffeine addiction…


    Members are keen to make the most of the rustic approach and are perfectly at ease camping and caravanning, rather than requiring more luxurious chalets or indoor accommodation.


    With the continued dilemma as to where to put our money,Naturists prefer to pay up front for all facilities.


    Social events are key to a vibrant club, and respondents would prefer to be Naturist night and day, temperature permitting. Conflict with this may be experienced from some members, who feel nude social events should be reserved for sporting activities only. Judging from the opportunities to party
    at Alton Towers, Blackpool, Nudefest, etc., most BN members do not condone this way of thinking!


    We all look forward to the warmer weather and, with a big splash to cool off or take regular exercise, we love to jump into that crystal clear outdoor pool. What better than swimming without that clingy costume?


    Our Naturist clubs sound a perfect place to socialise, relax and enjoy our free time.....


    The least important facilities:


    • Volleyball
    • Badminton
    • Full-sized tennis court
    • Miniten
    • Gym
    • TV room
    • Inter-club sports competitions
    • Lower membership fees and pay for extra facilities


    Does this mean those completing the surveys were not very sporty and also prefer not to sit and watch TV – maybe they are the ones who just love to socialise?


    Membership fees


    The majority of respondents wished to pay membership fees between £100-£200 per person per year, and annual payment was preferred over monthly payment.




    The majority of respondents were happy to volunteer a few hours a month for their club.


    Thank you to all who took part in this survey. It has been interesting to analyse the results and consider the differences between the nationwide survey results and our own club data.

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