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    New nude spa night at Harrogate Turkish Baths

    We’re delighted to have been advised of a new venture in Harrogate. Eden Spa is run by Mike Robertson who will be taking over the iconic Harrogate Turkish Baths for an evening in May, with more sessions to come later in the year.

    It’s always good to see new places for social nudity and we’re pleased to support them.

    Mike says:

    'Eden Spa is a business that runs events at select spa facilities to provide our guests with an opportunity to enjoy the spa experience as they would at an authentic German spa such as Vabali in Berlin. 

    Our concept is to offer high-end spa facilities to those people who might shy away from the 'traditional naturist lifestyle' but would like to experience for the first time or continue to enjoy public bathing textile-free. To this end, we have agreed with Harrogate Borough Council to use the Harrogate Turkish Baths. Our policy is to insist on our clients respecting that whilst the spa areas including the jacuzzi are textile-free, robes and footwear must be worn in the rest areas, corridors and in the cafe for refreshments. This is out of respect for the staff that belong to the baths, and also to give a sense of comfort to a new generation who might only be used to continental spas where this is the expected etiquette. 

    We will be fully-inclusive, with no barriers to gender or sexuality. Our events will be mixed gender, with no restrictions on single people. We will, however, have a no-tolerance policy for those clients engaging in overt public displays of affection or making others feel uncomfortable through inappropriate sexual behaviour or conversation.


    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edenspa.experience/

    Find out more on the BN calendar page: http://www.bn.org.uk/community/calendar/event/4107-eden-spa-and-massage/ 


    Edited by Andrew Welch

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