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    Andrew Welch

    Our nude run - open to all


    Runners at British Naturism’s Nudefest’s 5k and 10k runs won’t be worrying about sporting the latest, fashionable running gear, they will be wearing the most natural and ergonomic outfit - nothing!

    Nudefest is a week-long clothes free festival held in Somerset. During the week nearly 100 different sessions, events or types of entertainment will be held and one of these is a naked run.

    On Saturday 14th July runners will complete over either one or two 5k laps. The run is open to non-Nudefest guests, so if you’ve been looking for a change to your daily routine of pounding the same old pavements, it could be for you.

    The run is completely within the grounds of the site - a large rural area complete with a number of idyllic lakes.

    Naked runners will receive a medal and certificate for taking part and can have an official photograph taken of themselves to prove they have completed a ‘naked’ run.

    Runners are advised to wear suitable footwear and women can choose to wear a bra. Changing rooms are available and runners can stay for the day and enjoy the festival site which has a well stocked bar, catering facilities and entertainment till late.

    Find out more at https://www.bn.org.uk/calendar/event/4111-5k10k-run-at-nudefest/

    ..and if you can’t make this one (or even if you can) check out another nude 5K at the Naturist Foundation in Kent, in May https://www.bn.org.uk/calendar/event/3874-5k-run-naturist-foundation/

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    Wish I could still run. The knees took a battering on football pitches, marathon courses and judo mats, so now the Doctor says 'NO'. London Marathon day today, I only did it once, but what a great memory, shame I had to wear a running kit, but aye, you can't have everything. I also enjoyed a couple of BN fun runs, which turned out to be quite competitive, at Blackthorns. I'm not completely stuffed though, I can still cycle miles and miles, if slowly and I frequently do spin biking, the letter being the story of my life, pedalling like crazy and getting nowhere! LOL

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