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  • Andrew Welch
    Andrew Welch

    Persuade your friends to join British Naturism - and earn £10 for each one!

    We will pay a reward of £10 to an individual BN member for each person they recruit – Naturists and newcomers alike. There is no limit to how much you can earn – recruiting three or four people would effectively mean your own membership is free.

    We've just launched a smashing new flyer/poster to help you - order it now from the BN shop https://www.bn.org.uk/community/store/product/232-1040-or-60-x-free-join-us-flyer/

    Reward Scheme terms and conditions:

    1. The offer cannot be combined with any other membership initiative offer we may be running.

    2. The offer applies to people who have never been a member of British Naturism or who have allowed their membership to lapse at or before the end of 2012. The reward will not be paid for anyone who was a member last year, but has not yet renewed.

    3. IMPORTANT! We cannot offer the reward retrospectively. The name of the club or individual claiming the reward must be entered on the application form (whether that be a paper form or online) at the time of joining.

    For further information on joining please see https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/index

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