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    British Naturism 50th Anniversary Gathers Pace

    Back in 1964, British Naturism (BN) was formed by a merger of the British Sunbathing Association and the Federation of British Sun Clubs. Naturist clubs back then realised that one strong national organisation presented far more opportunities than having two separate bodies, with similar purposes and aims. BN today is a vibrant national organisation which promotes the amazing, healthy and liberating naturist lifestyle, enjoyed by millions of people in the UK. As well as promoting the undeniable benefits of healthy social nudity, which encourage wellbeing and a positive body image, as well as boosting confidence, BN also works hard to campaign for greater acceptance of our way of life.

    This year we celebrate our 50th anniversary and our varied programme of events is really starting to gather pace.

    Our travelling display is making its first outing on April 19th and 20th in the Bertrand Russell room at the Conway Hall in Holborn. With a fascinating narrative of our rich heritage, this is certain to attract a good audience. For further details see: http://ybn.org.uk.

    Naturism is good for you! Naturists report improvements in well-being, stress, chronic illness, self-esteem and body image. It’s also a sensible choice of dress when the weather is warm. Naturists are normal people. The only difference between activities inside and outside of Naturism is the dress code.

    It is a fallacy to believe that naked children are any more at risk in a Naturist environment. Unaccompanied children are not permitted in Naturist places and the community spirit that pervades ensures that a watchful eye is present. Despite the perception, there are far fewer problems in Naturism than in more “public” places where children and adults mix. Mindful of the need to be aware of child safeguarding issues, however, BN have a robust child safeguarding policy, code of practice, and a Child Safeguarding sub-committee that meets regularly and runs workshops on the subject, sometimes to groups from outside the Naturist world.

    For the media, there is a dedicated “Media Centre” at www.bn.org.uk/index.php/mediacentre, which contains useful information for those wishing to write about Naturism or to feature this wonderful world in their publications or programmes.


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