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    Heatwave sends membership soaring


    The UK’s Naturist organisation British Naturism is reporting a significant increase in members owing in part to the sweltering weather this summer. Total membership of the organisation that celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2014 is over 4% higher than during the summer of 2017. The organisation has also already achieved more than 80% of their target for members joining British Naturism for the first time.

    Spokesman Andrew Welch said:

    ‘The hot weather has revealed many more Naturists in the UK with people discovering that stripping off is the most sensible way of keeping cool. They are also peeling away decades of harmful attitudes to nudity and finding that being naked is a wholly positive, life-affirming celebration of our basic selves. It is scientific fact that those who spend time without clothes have a greater self-esteem and are happier people.

    ‘It’s not just the heatwave that has caused people to come and join British Naturism. More and more people are finding the exhilaration and sheer joy there is in being clothes-free and are looking for more opportunities. Our events programme has a variety of events in differing locations catering for a wide range of people and is set to double next year. Members can also join one of our group holidays overseas with activity programmes in Naturist resorts. Such is the popularity that the programme has almost doubled in a couple of years.

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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