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    The Great British Skinny Dip - going swimmingly - part II

    This September, locations across the UK are shedding their inhibitions - and their swimming costumes -  to enjoy the liberating experience of costume-free swimming  - and they're loving it!  The Great British Skinny Dip, which sets out to show the health benefits of costume-free swimming, is now underway and we're getting some impressive feedback!

    Andrew Welch, Commercial Manager for British Naturism says "last year was a great success, but this year we're building on that and all the early indications are that this year's events are attracting more people, inspired by the health and wellbeing benefits that costume-free swimming brings.”

    Swims have been happening across the nation from the northern reaches of Scotland to the coast of Cornwall. There's more to come - keep an eye on the list

    Wigton Baths in Cumbria was one of our new venues.  A chance conversation with the Manager by a regular skinny dipper led to an offer to run a GBSD event, which attracted several newcomers.  There is now talk of running regular skinny dip sessions...

    Adrenalin Quarry in Cornwall hosted a swim and zip wire event.  Two attendees travelled over 50 miles to attend, and one lady came with a wetsuit for her regular swim which she left on shore as she joined in the GBSD event! The event organiser is already trying to put on further skinny dip events.

    A great event at Monknash beach in South Wales was attended by many who enjoyed good weather. Watch the video!

    Andrew Welch says "Although the event is designed to be fun, there are some important underlying aims.  People are often brought up to cover their bodies instinctively, sometimes with unwelcome consequences for both physical and mental wellbeing.  The Great British Skinny Dip sets out to counter that, along with showing people that swimming costumes are pointless"

    And this weekend, BN's big Saturday night out at Stoke Waterworld, come and be part of it...

    Our dedicated website at www.greatbritishskinnydip.co.uk has full details of the months events and the benefits of costume-free swimming.  We'd love as many people as possible to enjoy a skinny-dip, challenging themselves to try something truly different this month.

    Facebook:  www.facebook.com/greatbritishskinnydip 
    Twitter: @GBSD2017  #septembare
    Website: www.greatbritishskinnydip.co.uk


    Contact: Andrew Welch andrew.welch@bn.org.uk

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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