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    The Vision Day - a great success

    British Naturism members took over the top floor of  The Studio, a conference and meetings venue in Central Birmingham for a day of speakers and discussion, followed by the organisation’s AGM.

    Our engaging and informative guest speakers included:

    Laura Dodsworth and her latest work, Manhood

    Amelia Allen and the forthcoming launch of Naked Britain 

    Dr Keon West (pictured above) on his research that discovered that nudity is good for you. 

    Our grateful thanks to them all

    A short panel discussion explored the barriers to involvement in British Naturism activity for people who go happily nude but do not consider themselves to be ‘Naturists’

    Keep an eye out for details of next year’s event at the same venue, over a weekend and including more speakers, discussion panels, workshops, seminars and presentations.

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