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    We are Record Breakers

    On a cold, wet evening on the 2nd of March 2019, 195 naked people congregated at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, aiming to break the world record for most naked people on a theme park ride.  This attempt, organised by British Naturism, was looking to beat the previous record of 102 people and in fact we smashed it.

    Since that evening, we have all been waiting to know whether the attempt would be officially approved and we would make it into the record books.

    The official verdict has come through: We are Record Breakers!

    As now stated on the Guinness World Record website, British Naturism now holds the record, and it will be a tough one to beat.

    This attempt was the brainchild of one of our newer members and shows that anything is possible.  Beyond putting our name in lights, the attempt had a huge positive effect.  Although many of the record breakers were members of British Naturism, many were not and the attempt led to a surge in new, young members joining British Naturism.  There were other spin-off benefits.  Riders all contributed a small fee to cover the costs, but because we attracted nearly double the number of people we were expecting, we ended up with a cash surplus that we were able to donate to local Blackpool charities.  Events like this really show how much naturism and British Naturism can contribute to the community and why we can make a difference to people’s lives.

    So congratulations to all who took part.  You can now tell your family and friends that you are officially World Record holders…. until we try this again!


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