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    Special Interest Groups

    When new members joining BN are asked for their main reason for doing so,
    the top answer is that they want to feel part of a community and meet like-minded people. When we gather at events it is very easy to make new friends and greet old ones, and there is conversation all the time. Doubtless it’s not all about Naturism! The sheer variety of activities on offer in the event programme also tells the same story. It’s a while since we talked about our range of Special Interest Groups (or SIGs) in this magazine. Despite the lack of promotion, it’s surprisingly active! If you are not part of it, please go and have a look www.bn.org.uk/community/forum under the Bare Necessities
    section. It’s open to all members and there is no requirement to ‘join’ any of the groups, just get involved! Don’t worry if some don’t appear to have much going on, post your message and get things started again. In the panel on this page you will find a list of all the current SIGs. Use them to find other Naturists who share your other interests. It’s another great reason to be a member of British Naturism. What other groups would you like to see? We are able to add new subjects so if you’ve got an idea for something that you would like to get talking about then please let us know. magazine@bn.org.uk
    The Photography SIG runs a monthly competition. You can see two of the recent winners on this page. We also show SANER region’s roving ambassador Scotty McDoon lining up his Real Ales for the miBeer session at Nudefest.

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