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    The Great British Skinny Dip – 2nd-4th September 2016

    Do something exhilarating…

    This great event will provide lots of opportunities for people to try costume-free swimming across many varied locations, having fun, whilst also raising awareness of how many people’s buttoned-up attitude to the human body is causing them to lead potentially unhealthy lives.

    The Great British Skinny Dip website is now live and is the central place for all things GBSD – including why we’re doing it, what people will get from it, lists of locations as they come on board, assistance for hosts and more. Please sign up for dedicated GBSD newsletters if you haven’t already. We’re focusing on the improvements anyone can get from being naked more often. If that changes some minds, that’s great. If it leads to more people doing Naturist things, even better. If it boosts our membership – fabulous! It does of course have a link to the BN site, landing on a special welcome page for newcomers. www.bn.org.uk/gbsdlanding

    The website also includes a variety of links from a variety of sources that back up the health benefits of nudity, and the sheer – and often unexpected – joy of going without clothes. If you see something that we should include, please send it in.

    We’ve also made our own short film as a ‘taster’ to the weekend – see it on the GBSD website.

    Make a ‘Skinny Clip’!
    Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Here’s an idea along those lines…next time you are skinny dipping – wherever that may be – get a video clip of it and post it on your social media pages...and nominate three people to do it. Add @GBSD2016 and #septembare. Let’s go viral…

    Why are we doing it?

    • To raise awareness of the many health and wellbeing benefits of taking part in naked activities – particularly in relation to feelings of freedom / liberation, fun and exhilaration.
    • To highlight and share the body confidence benefits of “letting it all hang out” in public.
    • To balance people’s perception of what constitutes a health body – i.e. it’s okay to have wobbly bits and be bigger than most ‘celebrity’ bodies … but it’s also important to keep an eye on potential problem areas such as poor skin condition, lumps/bumps, obesity and associated issues.
    • To raise awareness of the benefits of early detection of health issues such as cancer.
    • To increase participation in social nudity and Naturism and boost our numbers
    • To change reactions – especially in the media and from authorities – to the acknowledgement that nudity is a good thing and not amusing, ridiculous, suspicious, or harmful.

    What’s in it for me?
    It doesn’t matter who you are, or whether your preferred approach to Naturism is ‘organised’ or ‘free-range’, this project has something for you:

    • All Naturists (whether or not you belong to BN and / or a club)
    • A fun event and opportunity to bring your friends and share what you love
    • about naturist activities.
    • To spread the word about the benefits of nude activities and Naturism and to make it more acceptable to the average UK resident.
    • To expand our naturist community and secure the future of British Naturism as an organisation.
    • To make the life of a UK naturist more pleasant – enabling naturists to ‘come out’.
    • To raise money for a good cause – of your choosing! Additionally, for clubs and their members
    • An opportunity to invite new people / get new members.
    • Engaging a new audience to boost membership and replace those that leave.
    • National publicity for little effort
    • An opportunity for local clubs without pools to join up together to arrange an event at a public venue.

    W: www.greatbritishskinnydip.co.uk
    E: skinnydip@greatbritishskinnydip.co.uk
    F: www.facebook.com/greatbritishskinnydip
    T: @GBSD2016

    Call for locations!

    • Clubs – put on a GBSD open day or weekend
    • Swims make one of your regular sessions a GBSD one and invite newcomers
    • Individuals think about locations in your area that could be suitable – indoor and outdoor. Suggest them to us… or
    • Host an event yourself on a beach, at a lake or river, hire a pool – make a day out of it – and let us know what locations you have in mind
    • Talk to local pools and leisure centres about the event and see if they will agree to a Naturist session

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