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    The Land of the Free (just don’t take your clothes off…)

    A Utah woman has been charged under the State's “Lewdness Law” for baring her breasts in her own home and could face time in prison and 10 years on their sex offences register if she is found guilty.

    Utahs 'Lewdness Law' states: 'A person is guilty of lewdness involving a child if the person…intentionally or knowingly does any of the following in the presence of a child who is under 14 years of age...exposes his or her genitals, the female breast below the top of the areola, the buttocks, the anus, or the pubic area either in a public place or in a private place under circumstances the person should know will likely cause affront or alarm or with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of the actor or the child...'

    The charges were brought against her by the mother of her stepchildren when she discovered that the stepmother and her husband had taken off their tops whilst dry lining their garage walls. The police said “Buchanan removed her shirt and bra in front of the children while 'under the influence of alcohol'. The husband was not charged.

    British Naturists are flabbergasted by this outrageous denial of personal liberty that may well have come about due to an act of retribution by the children's mother. The case was reported in The Guardian and its clear that they were just as shocked as us. Their reporter, Arwa Mahdawi, wrote: 'Topless bans are just laws that treat female bodies like sex objects.'

    Photo credit : Thanks to Donna and John for providing a photo that illustrates the story

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