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  • Clive.Edwards

    2013 BN Holiday to Infiniti, Fuerteventura

    I am delighted to announce that once again the owners of Infiniti, in association with BN are offering another opportunity to enjoy the delights of the beautiful island of Fuerteventura, and the wonderful resort of Infiniti, now also known as the Fuerteventura Sun Club. You will have read the reports in both past and current issues of the BN magazine and the wonderful time had by all on both occasions. More about the resort is available at www.fuerteventurasunclub.co.uk and click on the naturist link.

    I am therefore delighted to give details for next year’s holiday as follows:

    The dates for 2013 are:- Wednesday 10th July until Saturday 20th July and you are invited to stay for all or part of this time.

    Most bedrooms sleep 2 people and singles can opt to share. For clarity, everyone's accommodation bill will be £200 per person per week, unless a single person specifies that he/she would like a room to themselves, in which case the cost will be £400 per person/per week. This applies to all accommodation - the apartments, the villa and the 2 casas.

    There are 2 single bedrooms available on Infiniti. One of these is the second bedroom in Apartment No.6 and the other is the third basement ensuite bedroom in Casa Amber. Each of these bedrooms (containing one single bed) is £200 per person per week.

    If you are interested, please contact me on membersholiday@bn.org.uk, or call me on 07973 529334.

    Thank you


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    I am considering doing the last 5 days. If it is possible to get a flights required on the sunday evening and return on the following Saturday, how does one get from the airport to the venue?

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