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    A Chance to Get Away from the Stresses of Modern Life

    We arrived at The Waterhouse, Kirkcudbright, probably the only naturist holiday accommodation in Scotland, around 6pm. We were immediately greeted by Martin who had been waiting patiently for us. The Waterhouse is owned and run by BN members Martin and Sharon Gould.

    After welcoming us, Martin showed us around. The gardens, created and maintained by Martin, are a stunning one and a half acres to walk naturist in - and are part of the Scotland’s Gardens scheme. The next opening will be on the 23rd June 2013 from 1 to 5pm (non-naturist) or Sat 22nd June naturist by appointment. There are three properties on the site; The Waterhouse, the Boathouse and Westwater Lodge. Martin took us up to The Waterhouse first, which is where I would be staying with my partner Tony, and showed us from the large deck in to the beautiful kitchen/living area. Removing our shoes upon entry, the first thing I noticed was the heat. It is a cosy space with a pellet-burning free-standing stove, easy to use once you know how for it feeds itself and there is no mess.

    For entertainment there is a DVD player and a TV sitting in the corner next to the dining table. A bottle of wine, Brambles Chocolates, home-made bread, eggs, soft cheese and some spreads awaited us on the table. The kitchen has every dish and utensil we could possibly need. Martin then showed us the bedroom which contains a huge double bed, with a bedside table and lamp at each side, and a chest of drawers at the bottom with a secret cupboard. The gorgeous bathroom has a shower, sink and toilet. There is a further room which sleeps two on bunk beds. Martin then led us outside to the hot tub. Folding up half of the cover, we immediately saw steam coming from the water. I couldn’t wait to hop in but had to restrain myself. He told us how to use it and informed us that it’s on all the time. Next, he took us round to The Boathouse where my dad would be staying. It is a lovely little cabin, easy to warm up. It has a double bed and a shower room. It also managed to squeeze in a table, chairs and a cooker. There is a TV on the wall in front of the double bed. Once Martin had shown us around, we were left to un-pack and put all the food away. We had a nosey about and saw games, DVDs, books and magazines. My dad, Brian Craigie had brought his own games. One of which I had asked him to bring which was 221B Baker Street, a Sherlock Holmes game. I used to play it all the time when I was younger so it was nice to have those memories re-playing in my head throughout the game. He had also brought Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. We watched movies, played games and the best part of all, chilled out in the hot tub. It was so warm and comfortable. If you feel too warm, all you have to do is to wet your face and hair so the gentle breeze cools you again.

    The Waterhouse is well sheltered by trees, shrubs and fences and it was a real pleasure using the hot tub even when the weather was cold. Guests have even used the hot tub in mid winter with snow on the ground! It was late September, but the water was so comforting. The best part is the jets of bubbles which un-tense your muscles and leave you feeling so calm. Back in the house, we found the bed so incredibly comfortable. As soon as the lights go out, it’s pitch black and silent. Since there is no mobile phone coverage and no internet, you are away from all the hustle and bustle of modern life. Being a naturally active person, at first I wondered how I would occupy my time, but once you’re here, you will never regret it.

    On our last night, we dined with Martin and Sharon at their cottage, an option which guests had and which can be naturist if desired. Martin is an excellent chef and we really enjoyed the food and excellent hospitality.

    I am looking to organise a trip with a group of YBN members. If we can get ten coming along, the shared cost would be very reasonable. If you are interested do let me know.


    Westwater Lodge – 1 double bed, 2 single beds, one dining table, one bathroom, one kitchen with all facilities, 2 fire places, 2 couches, 2 chairs, a shed with wood for the fire(s), television and a conservatory.

    The Boathouse – 1 cooker, 1 fridge freezer, 1 double bed, a dining table and chairs, bathroom, comfy chair and a television with DVD player.

    The Waterhouse – A dining table and chairs, a fire place (electrical), 1 sofa, 1 kitchen with all facilities, 1 bathroom, bedroom with 2 bunk beds, bedroom with 1 double bed.

    Total Capacity: 10 people.

    Additional features – hot tub outside, a bench, a picnic table, a vegetable garden, ponds, table and 2 chairs outside, a fireplace outside, parking for one vehicle between the Boathouse and the Waterhouse, parking for several vehicles in front the lodge. There are also fields and a forest you can go for walks in.

    Additional information – you don’t have to be a naturist to come here, or a BN member. The Boathouse can only be booked as a joint booking with The Waterhouse. The lodge can be let separately. This means that, if required, a naturist group can occupy the Waterhouse and Boathouse while a textile group occupy the lodge. If a group of 10 want to come, they can have the lodge, Waterhouse and the Boathouse. There are shops about 3 miles from the location so if you need groceries, you don’t have to worry.

    Martin and Sharon hope to have some naturist-only weeks with activities in 2013. More information will be provided on the BN website.



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