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    Wirral and Waterworld make for a perfect recipe

    The Wirral Naturist Club based in Chester was founded in 1976. Originally, the club shared the facilities with the Chester Naturist Club, founded and run by the late Geoff Stokes and his partner Marie, taking alternate Saturday evenings. When Geoff bought premises for a land-based club, the Wirral took over and held meetings on most Saturdays.

    Based on the principal of “family naturism” the club has continued to thrive with a committed membership ranging from 0 to over 80 years of age!

    During the early days when the membership was low, jumble sales (the forerunner of car boot sales!) were held to raise funds – this enabled us to survive during the difficult times. Today, however, with an attractive website full of information including an informative FAQ section, prospective new members and visitors are able to contact the club to arrange a visit and experience the friendly and convivial atmosphere found around the magnificent swimming pool – complete with slide! A steam room and sauna are added attractions – but if you prefer to relax, there are plenty of members to share your thoughts with!

    Waterworld is an excellent venue; situated close to the M6 at Stoke-on-Trent, it features many rides and slides as well as hot tubs, a café and new bar area in the foyer, all of which can be enjoyed in a naturist environment.

    With the retirement of Cath and Jim Carey who formally organised the Waterworld swims in conjunction with the Telford Club, Wirral took over in November 2003 and we have had a very successful tenure under the stewardship of RogerHart, assisted by his wife Helen and their friend Jon Richmond.

    The WNC has built up an excellent relationship with the management of Waterworld – the duty managers for the evening often say that the naturist evenings are the best and easiest to hold, as everyone is out to enjoy themselves and they don’t cause any trouble!

    We have even had a few staff members from Waterworld joining the YBN camp at Telford after one event, while one of the barmaids from the hotel where we hold our Christmas dinner joined us at Waterworld, along with her children and her mother!

    With the many dedicated helpers having carried out the same job for years, the WNC team runs efficiently. The prize draw brings in extra revenue as the girls collect and donate the prizes and then sell the draw tickets.

    The “car park team” police the entrance, with admission tickets checked before entry into the car park and foyer – over the years, we have had a few people try to gain entry without tickets, but they don’t get past the door!

    With admission being “ticket only”, Roger sends out tickets by post to the applicants’ address – this provides security for the club and venue. Club members who have undergone CRB checks are also on hand to ensure the smooth running of each event while club stewards keep an eye on the pool and cafe/bar areas.

    Over the years, we have had very little trouble, as we tend to attract a wide cross sectionof the genuine naturist community.

    The BN shop and various representatives of BN attend many of the events – we dolike anyone to email us first for permission, though!

    As his business has flourished, Roger is now about to hand over to Joan and Bob and the team, who will organise the events from the end of this year. Many club members support these events by helping with the organisation of the draw, car parking and ticket sales! – There can always be a job found for the willing worker!

    The event dates and ticket application forms are available to download from our website at www.wirralnats.org.uk

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