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    BN has six regions that provide a vital local focus to BN's members and activities. To find out about news and events in your region please visit one of our regional pages:


  • A Walk, Swim & Beach Reminder


    On Friday 6th August a Naturist walk will be hosted by Andrew Roch. This walk is the North Marston Naturist Walk . Details are below just click on the walk Title;

    Theae Naturist walks are very popular, so if you have not already signed up for one, contact Andrew or Amanda Roch.

    Additionally; on Friday we have a Swim in Watford.  Here is more information about the swim if you would like to go along and join in;


    On Saturday 7th August our region is holding its annual Beach Day at Corton (just north of Lowestoft)

    Bring along a packed lunch and your first time wannabee naturist friends and family. The event is FREE

    Here is the essential information. Check it out by clicking on the title below;

    Here is some more information about getting to Corton beach;

    On Google Maps I have placed a red pin in the car park This  is a free large  car park. To access the beach from the car park. Cross the main  Corton road B1385 at the crossing point, and walk to  the  downsloping pathway. Follow the path down the slope until you see the steps on the beach. Turn left and walk about 200 yards and then you will find yourself in the naturist area of Corton Beach. The journey from the Car park to the naturist part of the beach takes about 5 minutes.

    Here is a google map view;

    Dropped pin Near Lowestoft https://maps.app.goo.gl/XwZFEGtaws8ncf2T8

    The Free large car park;

    Dropped pin

    Below is a view of the path to the beach

    ;Corton Rd

    So its a busy weekend, so lets have some fun with naked; walks, swims and beach life.




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