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    Hi Everyone

    Sometimes, you may find that in conversation with family or friends the subject of nudity comes up.

    So to help us talk about nudity and naturism  confidentally, its good to be well informed and have support tools at our disposal.

    So here sre just a few tools to help out;



    British Naturism has up to date information booklets and flyers explaining what Naturism is that are free.



    Conversations and Experiences

    Sometimes, you have had a good conversation with someeone whom maybe interested in Naturism and you are excited and want to tell someone what happened. Well British Naturism has the forum thread you can use named;

    Just One Person;


    The Law

    It maybe that a non naturist has just asked if being nude in public is against the law or not, and you want to be correctly informed about the laws on nudity, so you can accurately explain them to your listener.

    British Naturism has provided a legal guides referring to Nudity in Public to enable you to know your rights as a naturist in Public;



    When you do talk with other people about naturism or nudity its good to be relaxed and just naturally explain why you enjoy taking your clothes off as if you were talking about any other subject of conversation.

    Its helpful to mention the benefits of being naked that you personally find in your life.


    Scientific Evidence

    Dr Keon West a Psychologist, published his findings from a recent study of clothed and unclothed people. He found that people when naked in a group of other naked people were more likely to have increased levels of self esteem and body confidence. Here is a link  to the published Paper by Dr West;


    If you are new to Naturism we hope that you maybe better informed and more confident when speaking to others too.

    Andy Gilmour








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