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    BN has six regions that provide a vital local focus to BN's members and activities. To find out about news and events in your region please visit one of our regional pages:


  • East Anglia Is Opening Up


    Wells Next To Sea, Norfolk.


    We'd like to encorouge our members in the Eastern Region. All of our events before Lockdown were almost always fully booked with Friendly, enthusiastic people.

    During Lockdown we have seen and spoken to many of you on Zoom during British Naturism Online Events.There has been some good banter too.

    As we come out of Lockdown we hope to see you both online and at Future Eastern Region Events. As East Anglia reopens gradually.

    We would like to encorouge you if you have an idea for an event, or if you know of a good venue for an event, or if you have contacts, even maybe local knowledge of a potential venue. We would love to hear from you. Or maybe you are organising an event yourself. We would love to hear from you.

    You can contact our Eastern Region Committee via email;


    Chairman and Eastern Coordinator;

    Robert Finney easternrep@bn.org.uk



    Vice Chairman;

    Ian Beeby easternvicechairman@bn.org.uk



    Nigel Bromley easterntreasurer@bn.org.uk



    Cathy Bromley easternsecretary@bn.org.uk


    Walks Coordinator;

    John Gelder easternwalks@bn.org.uk


    Sports Officer;

    Martin Dench easternevents@bn.org.uk


    Volunteer Officer;

    Richard Stacey richard.stacey@bn.org.uk



    Public Relations Officer (PRO)

     (Me) Andrew Gilmour easternpro@bn.org.uk


    I am sure everyone will do their best to enjoy this summer naked so maybe we'll see you soon.


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