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  • NAKED IN THE ASYLUM AGAIN... the revolution goes on!!


    In the last few years I think there's been nothing short of a revolution for naturists in Britain and BN has been at the forefront. 

    It all started just over ten years ago with the first Nudefest which has grown and grown. Then we have had Alton Towers which just a few years ago was nearly cancelled through lack of numbers but now sells out. Dunoon with the Gathering, Bournemouth and Nudestock are just a few of the many other events that we now have to choose from. Over the last few years the regions have been taking up the baton and none has been more prominent than the Eastern Region. 

    Eastern Region have organised countless naked dining events at different venues in the last two years and have then branched out into vineyard visits, museum events and coming up soon a murder mystery and gin tasting. The latter two by the way are separate events because as we all know crime and alcohol are a lethal mix!!

    The latest regional event was a Christmas Dinner at the Three Counties Asylum near Hitchin. At least that's what it used to be called in less enlightened days. It's now part of the Bannatyne Leisure empire and called The Orchard and is next to their health spa. The buildings, from the Victorian era, are stunning and the restaurant is in what was the chapel. Apparently there was a real scandal there some years ago when the resident vicar married someone forty years younger. The Orchard is a great place for a meal with good hosts, decent food and most importantly in December well heated. Once again the event was a sell out and the lesson to learn with our regional events is book early. At the time of writing in early December the Murder Mystery event is also sold out with a waiting list. As usual we had a fiendish quiz and this time with a Christmas theme. Here's some samples- Do you know what Michael Barratt's real name is who sang Merry Christmas Everyone? And what's Japan's favourite Christmas meal? Who had a hit with Insanity over Christmas? Finally, what animal brings Christmas gifts in Syria? Answers below:

    Robert who has organised most of these naked dining events is to be hugely congratulated for his efforts. During the evening Nigel Bromley was presented with a gift of thanks after his five years as regional representative in BN. He leaves the post with the region in a flourishing state.

    Quiz answers: Shaking Stevens, KFC, Madness and camel.

    Article and Photography  by Andy P



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