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  • Northampton And Whittlesford Eastern Events


    Now we are into the New Year i would like to Focus primarily on two events this January

    Firstly; Northampton Sun Group Swim on Sunday 5th January. This is a long running event in the Eastern Region making its debut as an event way back in 1982 (38 years ago).

    The club is a friendly haven to relax or swim. It has excellent facilites, with a Swedish Sauna, Russian Steam room and Turkish Hot rooms.

    So why not pop down and join in to sample the great facilities and a warm friendly welcome. At Northampton Sun Group Swim;

    Secondly; I want to draw your attention to the Whittlesford Clothing Optional Dining Event.

    On Saturday 25th January this event will be the first British Naturism dining event in Cambridgeshire. The meal is 3 course, so why not be one of the first naked diners in Cambridgeshire.

    Located in Whittlesford village hall about a mile from Duxford air museum. There is a Holiday inn and train station both within 10 minutes drive from the village Hall.The A505 and M11 are both within 15 minutes drive away.

    If you have friends or family who may want to join in for their first time naturist experience, this is a great event to invite them too as it is clothing optional for any aspiring naturist guests who maybe shy at first.

    Here are the Essential Details;

    In news of another event The Nude Murder Mystery in Oxfordshire has sold out!

    If you would like to see your event/s featured or you have some naturist news that would be relevant to the Eastern Region Members, you can contact me on;

    Andy Gilmour;  easternpro@bn.org.uk

     Cathy Bromley;  easternsecretary@bn.org.uk

    As editors of this webpage.


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