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  • BN Campaigns Team: Naturist Swimming Under Threat


    In the last few months we have unfortunately experienced threats to two long-established swims in the London and South East region

    Although we have many great clubs and events across our region, and have made great progress in recent years in expanding opportunities for social nudity and public acceptance of naturism, there are still threats to well-established events from those who misunderstand naturism

    Two swims which had been running for several decades in Dover and Alton have been either suspended or cancelled as a result of their pools being re-developed. In both cases, the introduction of larger areas of glazing overlooking the pools have been used to justify these changes - on the basis that those looking into the pools might be offended or upset by seeing naked swimmers

    The BN campaigns team are of course deeply troubled by these developments as they reduce the provision of naturist swimming in venues which have a long tradition of accessibility to naturists. The decisions taken in these venues make an assumption that non-naturists will not be comfortable seeing naked swimmers and that the opportunity for non-naturists to use other facilities in sports centres are more important than supportIng long established naturist swimming groups - even though these groups might use the centre facilities for less than 1% of the time that they are open

    In both locations, BN are involved in supporting local swimmers to challenge the decisions that have been taken and hope to ensure that naturist swimming continues in the new venues or in suitable alternative local venues

    The campaigns team will also be contacting all BN member swimming clubs in the next few weeks to share information about how they might engage proactively with sports centres, local authorities and other public bodies when pools are being re-developed to ensure that we can maintain opportunities for naturist swimming and maybe even extend these in future

    If you are a member of a swim who would like any advice or support in this area - or are looking to set up a naturist swim in any part of London or the South East, please do contact me at jon.williams@bn.org.uk or the campaigns team leader Ron O’Hare at campaigns@bn.org.uk

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