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  • Great British Beach Spring Clean.


    A British Naturism Beach Cleaning Day.

    Following a casual tweet from the BN families officer (Shan Allen) in response to reading about Beach Clean Days on Twitter, suggesting that Naturists could perhaps become involved with these, the Daily Mail latched on to this thread and have been in touch with our Commercial manager (Andrew Welch), hopefully we will hear more! A recent post on the forum brought a great deal of offers from members to promote these locally on their own designated beaches. 

    I believe it would be a great initiative if the North West region could organise a Beach Clean, maybe at St Annes beach and include a skinny dip in the the session, the high tide is 12.40 so maybe the safest time for the skinny dip would be pre lunch. I believe this is a great opportunity to spread our wings and engage with the general public, who knows - they may join in the skinny dip.  We could wear BN livery to work in and promote our loyalties with confidence. A precedent will have already been set for this type of event by the Irish Naturist Association at Wicklow on the 23rd March. Read about it. 

    We are open to suggestions, but I would like to put down a marker for the first north west session, let's say the St Annes beach day location on Friday 24th April - 10am start till 2pm.  

    Anyone interested?

    mailto: campaigns@bn.org.uk



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