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    Fullers Mill Gardens

    By Guest, in Eastern,

    If you have not Booked a ticket for Fullers Mill Gardens, but would like to go along, you can book now by contacting Robert Finney on athelstan936@ntlworld.com 
    Booking closes tomorrow Sunday 2nd August.
    Here are the essential details;

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    Beds/Bucks/Herts Naturist Walks – New Walks and Dates Announced

    We are pleased to announce three further walks as follows:

    Friday 7 August 2020 – Tring, Hertfordshire, including sections of The Ridgeway and the Chiltern Way (9 miles).

    Friday 4 September 2020 – North Marston, Buckinghamshire, through parts of Aylesbury Vale with panoramic views of the Chilterns and North Buckinghamshire from the top of Quainton Hill (7 miles).

    Friday 9 October 2020 – Wendover, Buckinghamshire, including part of the Chiltern Hills (7 miles). Start/Finish point is accessible by train to Wendover Station on the Chiltern Line (London Marylebone to Aylesbury Vale Parkway via Amersham).

    The routes are mostly flat through woodland and open countryside but do include some low to moderate inclines.

    Places are limited to 30 participants only. Please note that everyone participating in the walk will be expected to maintain the required two meters social distancing from each other prior to and during the walk.

    These events are being organised by British Naturism Eastern Region in association with the Milton Keynes Naturist Meet and Greet Group. They are open to all members of British Naturism and other naturist (walking) groups; anyone new to naturism or to naturist walking is welcome too. When booking, please state whether you are a member of BN or other naturist groups.

    You must be fit enough to walk up to seven miles, including moderate hills. Please only book if you are certain you can attend as places are limited. However, you should NOT attend if you have any Coronavirus symptoms or need to self-isolate because a member of your household has symptoms or if you have been asked to self-isolate after coming into contact with someone who has symptoms.

    For further information or to book onto this event, please contact John Gelder, Walks Coordinator, via email: easternwalks@bn.org.uk giving your name, mobile phone number and membership status. Details of the meeting point and other information will be provided when your booking is confirmed.

    Article by John Gelder.
    Here is some Good News;
    Watford Naturist Swimming Club will restart its activities on;  Friday 14th August.
    In the Pool there will be lane closures. Both the Sauna and Steam Room will be closed.
    For the time being the club will be restricted to members only until members can gain experience using the facility under Covid restrictions.
    Andy Gilmour

    By Guest, in Eastern,

    We  have some News regarding the meal at The Olde Kings Arms, Hemel Hempstead on Saturday 5th September.
    Due to the Covid  19 Regulations the meal has been postponed.
    We are going to reschedule the event for later on this year, or early next year. The venue is popular and has overnight accommodation too.
    Andy Gilmour

    By Guest, in Eastern,

    I just want to mention everyone in the city and area around Leicester that have been put in Lockdown again.
    As naturists in the area,  perhaps your off work again, furloughed or working from home. or stuck at home isolated from family and friends for even longer now.
    Maybe your participating in the online BN events or gardening naked.
    I just want to say we are thinking about you respectfully, and look forward to seeing you at events once your local lockdown has been lifted.
    Here is more Good news;
    Rosslyn Glamping, have just announced their dates for Naturist Glamping and camping. They also have room for Motorhomes and 7.9m Touring Caravans.
    From Friday 17th July until Sunday 26th July are the clothing Optional dates.
    Set in North Norfolk and close to Holkham Naturist beach on the North Norfolk coast, this site is a hidden gem not to be missed.
    There is an outdoor heated pool and Sauna as well as a lawn for sunbathing. Whether you stay for the whole time or visit for the day, you can have a relaxing experience.
    Here is their website with some great photos of the site.
    Please understand social distancing must be considered during your stay.

    By Guest, in Eastern,

    Robert has announced; some news about an event in our region. Suffice to say this is going to be a popular event with people already asking for tickets.
    After all the cancelled events it is good to be able to report an event that is going to take place. The visit to Fullers Mill Garden on 9th of August will take place. I spoke this morning with Annie Dellbridge, the Head Gardener. Normally the garden can easily cope with 200 people but due to social distancing numbers have had to be reduced. Initially we have a limit of 50 people but they do hope to allow us to go higher once they have some experience of opening in the current situation with Covid 19. 
    This a great event that will support two regional charities, These are East Anglian Air Ambulance and Fullers Mill Garden. 
    By Robert Finney


    By Guest, in Eastern,

    Wells Next To Sea, Norfolk.

    We'd like to encorouge our members in the Eastern Region. All of our events before Lockdown were almost always fully booked with Friendly, enthusiastic people.
    During Lockdown we have seen and spoken to many of you on Zoom during British Naturism Online Events.There has been some good banter too.
    As we come out of Lockdown we hope to see you both online and at Future Eastern Region Events. As East Anglia reopens gradually.
    We would like to encorouge you if you have an idea for an event, or if you know of a good venue for an event, or if you have contacts, even maybe local knowledge of a potential venue. We would love to hear from you. Or maybe you are organising an event yourself. We would love to hear from you.
    You can contact our Eastern Region Committee via email;
    Chairman and Eastern Coordinator;
    Robert Finney easternrep@bn.org.uk
    Vice Chairman;
    Ian Beeby easternvicechairman@bn.org.uk
    Nigel Bromley easterntreasurer@bn.org.uk
    Cathy Bromley easternsecretary@bn.org.uk
    Walks Coordinator;
    John Gelder easternwalks@bn.org.uk
    Sports Officer;
    Martin Dench easternevents@bn.org.uk
    Volunteer Officer;
    Richard Stacey richard.stacey@bn.org.uk
    Public Relations Officer (PRO)
     (Me) Andrew Gilmour easternpro@bn.org.uk
    I am sure everyone will do their best to enjoy this summer naked so maybe we'll see you soon.
    Here in the Uk there are around 4 million people who have done a skinny dip or go about nude at home. The population of East Anglia is around 4 million people. But not all are nudists, or naturists, or skinny dippers. 
    The BN Eastern Region Area is huge and stretches from Oxford in the west of the region to Lowestoft on the East coast a distance of 175 miles, and from Holkham beach on  the North Norfolk coast down to just outside London to the M25, a distance of 125 miles. So our Eastern Region is massive. It can be a bit of a challenge getting to some events at the far edges of the eastern region.
    Large parts of the Eastern region are sparcely populated . Suffolk and Norfolk are cases in point, so naturists are few and far between, so many travel long distance just to meet up with other naturists.


    By Guest, in Eastern,

    Hi Everyone
    Sometimes, you may find that in conversation with family or friends the subject of nudity comes up.
    So to help us talk about nudity and naturism  confidentally, its good to be well informed and have support tools at our disposal.
    So here sre just a few tools to help out;
    British Naturism has up to date information booklets and flyers explaining what Naturism is that are free.
    Conversations and Experiences
    Sometimes, you have had a good conversation with someeone whom maybe interested in Naturism and you are excited and want to tell someone what happened. Well British Naturism has the forum thread you can use named;
    Just One Person;
    The Law
    It maybe that a non naturist has just asked if being nude in public is against the law or not, and you want to be correctly informed about the laws on nudity, so you can accurately explain them to your listener.
    British Naturism has provided a legal guides referring to Nudity in Public to enable you to know your rights as a naturist in Public;
    When you do talk with other people about naturism or nudity its good to be relaxed and just naturally explain why you enjoy taking your clothes off as if you were talking about any other subject of conversation.
    Its helpful to mention the benefits of being naked that you personally find in your life.
    Scientific Evidence
    Dr Keon West a Psychologist, published his findings from a recent study of clothed and unclothed people. He found that people when naked in a group of other naked people were more likely to have increased levels of self esteem and body confidence. Here is a link  to the published Paper by Dr West;
    If you are new to Naturism we hope that you maybe better informed and more confident when speaking to others too.
    Andy Gilmour
    Photo taken before Lockdown
    Great News! As a result of the Lockdown partially lifting, John Gelder our Eastern Region Walks Coordinator has been able to carry on with three of the many organised walks that were planned;
    Firstly;  Aston Abbotts Naturist walks on Sunday 21st June 2020
    Secondly; World Naked Hiking day ( in a different location to the one previously advertised )
    Thirdly; Great Missenden Walk on Friday 17th July
    The Above Walks Are Now Fully Booked
    Each walk will consist of 2 groups of 6 people The groups will depart 30 minutes apart along the same route. All Walkers will Socially Distance from each other at 2 metres apart; before, during and after the walk You will be told not to attend the walk if you or your Household have Covid 19 symptoms, or indeed you are required to self-isolate. We will continue to monitor the situation and will announce further walking dates in due course. We will keep you informed of events through our regular channels of communication.  
    We do hope that you will enjoy your walks.
    Andy G
    Robert Finney has provided an update of which events are going ahead and which are cancelled this summer.
    Thankfully; life is slowly getting back to normal and we hope everyone stays in Good Health.
    To see the information, Click on  the words; Robert Finney replied to a topic below;
    This Saturday is the start of The Great British Take off. There are several events planned. The cost is only £3 which will be going as a donation to the British Heart Foundation.
    The events are: here
    Personally I have booked a place for Saturday mornings fitness class. At 10am. Should be fun and tiring🤣🤣
    Its still not to late to take part in the events, so I urge everyone in the eastern region to take part in some way and support the charity too. I hope to see our region members on Saturday via Zoom.
    You may like to have Pimms on the lawn. Its up to you which event you choose so lets get naked and help the British Heart Foundation and spend zoom time with our fellow naturists..
    Looking forward to seeing everyone.
    Hi Everyone
    I am pleased to be able to promote an event to you that is going ahead. 
    From  Dine Naked Oxford Sandra and Mupp, are hosting a virtual meal experience. 
    The meal will be Spaghetti Bolognese. You can cook it authentically yourself, buy one, or Nuke a Spag bog in the microwave. 
    The meal will be followed by Mupps (Mike's) interactive Quiz. All achieved via video link.
    The evening will be great for couples, or whole families, or for singles, in fact everyone. With fun good food and an outbreak of enjoyment followed by a helping of naked diners. 
    Here are the details fron Sandra;
    You may want to brush up on your Italian!!
    Hi Everyone
    John Gelder our Eastern Walks Coordinator would like to inform  those of you keen on walking that as a result of Government restrictions being extended for potentially another four weeks; two of our regional walks have been affected;
    Firstly; The  Tring walk on Friday 24th April has now been  CANCELLED.
    Secondly; The  Aston Abbots Walk on Friday 15th May has now been CANCELLED.
    John will be monitoring the situation, following Government advice and instructions.
    Once the Lockdown has been lifted some walks may be able to be rescheduled. John will keep those of you on the mailing list informed  as to the status of the Walks.
    In the meantime, it may be worth polishing your walking boots ready to go;
    Yesterday as you know we held our regional Email based voting of the AGM.  Here are the results below:
    RESULTS 2020
    FOR  25
    AGAINST  0
    ABSTAIN  2
    FOR  27
    AGAINST  0
    ABSTAIN  0
    FOR  26
    AGAINST  0
    ABSTAIN  1
    FOR  24
    AGAINST  1
    ABSTAIN  1
    AGENDA ITEM 4.4:                        TO ELECT ANDREW GILMOUR AS PRO FOR 1 YEAR;
    FOR  27
    AGAINST  0
    ABSTAIN  0
    All voting was completed electronically.
    8 Clubs voted.
    19 Individual members voted
    A Quorum was achieved

    By Guest, in Eastern,

    Hi Everyone
    You may know already. But our AGM has been cancelled for now, in light of the current situation with the Corona virus  pandemic. 
    Here is a copy of the email regarding the AGM sent by Cathy Bromley our Eastern Regional Secretary;
    Hello to our members and member clubs.

    Following guidelines from BN EC, we regretfully need to cancel our AGM,
    planned for 5th April at Broadlands. Government guidelines for COVID-19
    advise against gatherings at this time and to safeguard our member's
    health, we need to heed this advice.

    Once restrictions are no longer in place, we will organise a replacement Regards,

    Cath Bromley
    Secretary, BN Eastern Region

    Hi Everyone.
    Sandra has just let me know that her evening in August with the production of 
    Its a Dogs Tale.
    Mikron cancelled 21/8
    Sadly this event has now been cancelled this is due to the fact they are a touringTheatre Company that is due to start their tour shortly.
    Please go to the link below for refund information
    By Sandra
    Please keep reading the events pages and newsgeed regulrly for updates on events.

    By Guest, in Eastern,

    Hi  Eastern Regioners
    Our Regional Secretary Cathy Bromley has compiled our latest periodical Newsletter. I have uploaded the newsletter in PDF Format for you to browse.
    Here is the Newsletter;
    BN Eastern Region Newsletter March 2020.pdf
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