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BN AGM 2020


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Event details

2020 AGM - Sunday 4th October - 1pm-4pm

We have been exploring two ambitions for the 2020 AGM.  The first was that we would be able to welcome people to Sunfolk and hold our naturist AGM in our brand-new naturist location.  The second was that the AGM should be more accessible to more members so we can all engage with our organisation.

COVID-19 continues to impose restrictions and, as things stand, holding the event at Sunfolk would mean capping the numbers and most likely holding it outdoors.  Happily, difficulties in one area provide opportunities in another and we have taken the decision that for the first time ever the British Naturism AGM will be held on a digital platform.  The success of our Online Events means we are confident that this will work, and it creates an enormous opportunity as it means members can attend from all across the country and indeed beyond.

Voting and the AGM

Following the success of online voting for the election of posts we will use electronic voting for AGM motions.  Details of motions will be released in due course and we expect that it will be possible to keep voting open into the meeting so any discussion can be heard.  Paper voting forms will still be available by request from general.secretary@bn.org.uk


The meeting will be held on the Zoom platform, with which you are familiar.  Booking is available here and is of course free of charge.



In addition to the business of the AGM, we want to use this opportunity to present some of the activities of the year.  President, Mark Bass, will give a State of the Nation address to review the actions and successes of the year.  Vice Chair, Jon Williams, will present details of the work being done at Sunfolk so people know what has happened and gain a vision of the future.  Perhaps most importantly, we want to dedicate a large chunk of time to a Question & Answer session, chaired by International Director, Edwin Kilby.  This is an opportunity to ask questions of the leadership and fill in gaps in knowledge.

The specifics of the programme may change, but the approximate timetable at the moment is:

13.00    AGM
14.00    Awards of Certificates of Merit
14.30    State of the Nation Presentation
14.50    Sunfolk Presentation
15.10    Q+A
16.00    Close


The session will be chaired by Edwin Kilby, but questions can be directed toward any of the leadership and will be answered by the person best suited.

Spontaneous questions on the day will of course be welcome, but the session will be more constructive and the answers more accurate if we know questions in advance.  If you have a question in mind before the meeting, please submit it to general.secretary@bn.org.uk and when you join the session ensure that your screen name matches the name on the question.  On the day, Edwin will invite you to ask your question.  It is of course fine if there is some deviation from the submitted question, the aim is to group questions on a similar theme and avoid having to bypass questions because we don’t have an answer.

We hope that everybody will join us on the day.

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