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  • Just One Person Current Campaign

  • What is it?

    A scheme to encourage people to talk about Naturism outside of the Community.  We hope to inspire those who do not talk about their Naturist lifestyle choice outside to tell just one person.


    Why are we doing it?

    Many people don't even know they know a Naturist and assume that we are still that fringe minority on the far edges of society. In fact, we are their next-door neighbours, their work colleagues, the people on the next table in the pub, in the aeroplane seats in the row in front, in the car hire queue behind them at the airport…everywhere.

    We completely understand the individual fears and possible complications to having an easy life, but do want to encourage you to help Naturism in the UK to grow and to become normal. While it remains hidden, misguided and incorrect views of Naturism will continue. The more that people know about Naturism, the better things will be. We want to escape from the association that nudity means sex, or even worse, perversion.

    There is now scientific evidence that we’re on to something. Why stay quiet about that?


    What do we hope to achieve?

    Our aims is are to:

    • Improve the public understanding of Naturism by engaging people in conversation about it.
    • Encourage more people to become involved in Naturism.
    • Help increase people's confidence in themselves (by having the conversation) and their bodies through experiencing non-judgemental social nudity.


    What is involved?

    Quite simply existing naturists choosing one person (or more!) and introducing their naturism into a conversation.

  •   Get Involved

    1. Tell Just One Person

    This is the simplest of all campaigns.  To get involved, all you need to do is to choose someone you know and tell them about your Naturism.

    This might seem daunting but the point here is not to stress about making everyone in your life aware, tell Just One Person. It’s probably quite easy to pick someone who would not be judgemental. You’ll probably find that you get a positive or sympathetic reaction. Don’t assume it will be bad. Feedback says that you will feel better having told someone - it may actually be a relief!

    If you need some more help, try downloading and reading ‘Our Promotional Messages’ from the BN website, before you tell Just One Person, it may help you to feel prepared.


    2. Tell us how you got on

    Once you have told one person we'd love to hear how you got on.  Who did you tell? What was their reaction?  Please share your experience, even if it didn't go quite as you expected as it will hopefully encourage others to have a go and help them to plan their approach.

    If you have some quick feedback then there is a discussion forum for the campaign here on the website where you can post your comments.  However we would also like to publish some of the feedback both in the BN magazine or on the public-facing parts of this website (anonymised if necessary). If you would be happy to provide a few sentences or a couple of paragraphs for this then please do get in touch.


    3. We are encouraging you to:

    • Bring One Person - Think about inviting someone to come with you to a BN event, to the beach, to your club or swim or a GBSD event or even on holiday.
    • Recruit One Person - If you are a BN Member why not suggest to your Naturist friends that they join us and gain all the benefits?


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