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    Family Naturism

    • What if simply being around naked people could give your child more realistic expectations of their bodies than those portrayed in glossy magazines? 
    • What if they too could gain the physical benefits of increased Vitamin D levels and mental health benefits from  being out in the sunshine and experiencing increased levels of serotonin (the ‘happy hormone’)? 
    • What if they could benefit from plenty of fresh air in a natural environment?
    • What if your family could find something to all do together, joining other like-minded families?

    NKD Family Shot.jpgAt British Naturism we believe that a naturist lifestyle is beneficial to everyone, whatever their age. As a result, we welcome people of all ages to our events. Simple human nudity does not need to be limited to over 18s. Thousands of families – some into many generations - around the world have discovered this and know that there are many benefits to family life and to the well-being of children by being brought up in a naturist family.

    We have many people in membership who were brought up by  naturist parents and they report that they grew up without the body ‘hang-ups’ which are frequently reported today and were eager to continue when they became adults, often then choosing to bring their own children up the same way. Naturism also gives children the opportunity to grow up with a realistic knowledge of what human bodies look like. Children who are brought up by Naturist parents mostly have greater body confidence and feel much less shame about their bodies compared to their constantly-clothed peers. Naturist swims have no need to segregate males and females in changing rooms (what’s the point?) so families can stay together and children can be well supervised.

    Parents who have brought up or who are bringing up children in a naturist environment tell us how carefree their children are when they can be without their clothes – and how much easier skin is to wash than fabric when they inevitably get dirty!

    Read about how good it feels and the benefits for many people’s mental and physical health elsewhere on this site. We want you to know that, despite what many other parents may think, you are not weird because you want to bring your children up to appreciate the benefits of wearing no clothes. There are many other families like yours in the UK and beyond. Being part of British Naturism is a good way to connect with them and share your parenting experiences.

    Where can I go to try this out for my family?
    British Naturism organises a wide range of events during the year at which families are most welcome. Waterpark events are always popular and our NKD festival is aimed at the young and young-at-heart. We are also organising family-only camping rallies to help families meet others in the same situation as themselves. Find the details on our events website: www.bnevents.co.uk.

    DSC_0093_.jpgMeeting up with other families at a club or event will help your children feel that there are plenty of other children ‘like them’ and, once they have made naturist friends, are more likely to want to visit naturist places to be with them. A number of clubs organise family weeks during the summer holidays where activities are specifically designed to appeal to younger people. Naturist families frequently report that the family values of respect, inclusivity and friendship and the knowledge that their children are in a safe environment are important factors in ensuring that they continue to be part of the Naturist community. Most of the member clubs of British Naturism are in secluded, private locations with leafy grounds in which to enjoy being naturally clad in nature. The facilities vary from club to club but there is usually a club house, sunbathing and games lawns. Many clubs have a swimming pool and saunas are popular all year round. Our ‘Places to Go’ page will guide you to many suitable locations for first steps in naturism.

    Through our online Forum you can connect with families from around the UK and share information with them to help you in your aim to make your family’s naked time relaxing, enjoyable and something that you will all want to do over and over again. We have a Families ‘Club’ on the British Naturism members’ Forum to provide a focus for our discussions.

    What if my partner is not a naturist?
    It is often (but not always) the case that women are initially less keen to try naturism than men. However, once they do try it they frequently become vocal in their promotion of naturism to others. If your partner is less than keen, take a look at our ‘Women in Naturism’ page – many of the points made there apply whether your reluctant partner is male or female.

    But surely all nudity is sexual and not suitable for children?
    Nudity is certainly not inherently sexual.  If you choose to view all nudity as sexual then participating in social nudity is probably not for you. Many people have been brought up to consider the human body as shameful and associated primarily with sex, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We were all born naked and it is only society and convention that requires us to be dressed in order to be accepted as ‘decent’ - although the parts of the body which are considered indecent vary with time, geography and belief system. Children frequently enjoy being naked – what parent hasn’t struggled to dress a small child? – and enjoy the freedom of movement achieved by being unencumbered by clothes.
    The NEED for children to see naked bodies to develop a healthy relationship with their own bodies is addressed by Natasha Devon in an article in the TES. Find the article here: https://www.tes.com/news/naked-beach-why-every-family-should-be-watching-it

    Won’t there be people present who just come to look at naked children?
    Children in naturist places are always accompanied by parents or guardians and supervised throughout. It is not obligatory for children to be naked and - other than when swimming - many choose to keep their clothes on. As a result we have few problems. British Naturism, its Events Team, volunteers and member clubs are constantly on the lookout for any inappropriate behaviour amongst attendees. We have a robust Safeguarding Policy and everyone’s safety in our naturist community is our first consideration. Many new naturists have commented that they feel that a naturist group has more of a community feel than the world at large and the majority of naturists will keep a watchful eye over their surroundings and those in them to reduce the chances of anyone coming to harm. Volunteers and Staff are trained in Safeguarding procedures and know where to turn if any concerns are raised.

    NKD19_201_20190526__MG_8243.jpgWhere can I read more about family naturism?
    Federation of Canadian Naturists – a well-considered discussion about family naturism
    Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park answers most questions about children and naturism 
    Domaine Naturiste Arnaoutchot – is an example of a French family naturist resort. One of the beauties of naturism is to see multi-generational families enjoying everyday life dressed naturally
    Details of UK Naturist Clubs with good facilities for families are available on the British Naturism website
    Green Parent magazine - The Benefits of Family Naturist Holidays - https://thegreenparent.co.uk/articles/read/going-bare
    British Naturism’s ‘Children Deserve Better’ report (2016) gives a considered analysis of sound academic sources to support family naturism


    In a world where body positivity and respect are so often lacking, I am keen to show my children a different way – a better way.

    Events like NKD which combine YBN and families are great because they allow children to see that there is a route for them to enjoy a social life as they get older and stay in naturism.
    Survey respondent, 2019

    Naturism has shaped me as a person. I’ve made one of my best friends, met incredible people and visited fabulous places. ‘Grateful’ does not even begin to describe how I feel about being part of this world. It’s something that I wish to take into adulthood and pass on to my children.
    Mel - 16 yrs

    Mine [children] are over 18 now but enjoyed naturism and many, many naturist holidays abroad from 6 months [old] until the present day.
    Survey respondent, 2019


    Shân Allen
    Families Officer
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