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    There are thousands of Naturist families - some into many generations - who find that they get on better with each other through their shared experience and openness. Children brought up in Naturism often say how they grew up without the usual hang-ups about their bodies - and carry on when they reach adulthood.

    With children so often engrossed in computer games or mobile phones, giving them access to fresh air and healthy activity becomes even more important.

    Naturism also gives children the opportunity to grow up with a realistic knowledge of what human bodies look like. Children who are brought up by Naturist parents mostly have greater body confidence and feel much less shame about their bodies compared to their constantly-clothed peers. Naturist swims have no need to  segregate males and females in changing rooms (what’s the point?) so families can stay together and children can be well supervised.

    Meeting up with other families at a club or event will help your children feel that there are plenty of other children ‘like them’ and, once they have made Naturist friends, are more likely to want to visit Naturist places to be with them. A number of clubs organise family weeks during the summer holidays where activities are specifically designed to appeal to younger people. Naturist families frequently report that the family values of respect, inclusivity and friendship and the knowledge that their children are in a safe environment are important factors in ensuring that they continue to be part of the Naturist community.


    In a world where body positivity and respect are so often lacking, I am keen to show my children a different way – a better way.

    Naturism has shaped me as a person. I’ve made one of my best friends, met incredible people and visited fabulous places. ‘Grateful’ does not even begin to describe how I feel about being part of this world. It’s something that I wish to take into adulthood and pass on to my children.
    Mel - 16 yrs

    Shân Allen
    BN Families Officer


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