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    • Guest
      So which one is it?
    • Guest
      Are they both called Kirsty Roe?
    • Guest
      I am doing volunteer work at Countess of Chester County Park and just after joining Wirral Naturists this time last year I was telling my fellow Volunteers about it. I was faced with revulsion  and some hostility if I had been employed it could have much worse.  It has now settled down. Although I have been told I am definitely not allowed to be naked in the park if I did they would Finnish me! Needless to say I love working there and have decided to be less open about it in futur
    • Guest
      On page 78 it appears that we have two Kirsty Roes at head Head Office.
    • Guest
      Just had a quick look through looking really good, look forward to sitting down and reading the hardcopy when it arrives. 😀
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