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      The College of Policing Guidance applies to England & Wales  In England & Wales the CoP guidance is in fact a roadmap for Call Handlers & Officers that keeps them within the bounds of E+W laws.If they stray outside of it then they're unlikely to be able to enforce their position nor win a case if it was to be contested. In effect they are bound by the guidance. If a defect were to be found in it, it would be updated to suit.  Police Scotland has agreed with BN that it will fol
    • Guest
      No. The College of Policing was established in 2012 as the professional body for everyone who works for the police service in England and Wales.
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      Does the College of Policing advice on public nudity apply equally to the whole of the Uk? http://library.college.police.uk/docs/nudity.pdf
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      The paragraph makes proper sense when read as a whole. Taking the above sentence out of its context leaves it without its object. Yes, it probably could be better written. It evolved from previous versions suggested by the current Legal Team and created by Malcolm Boura who did the best job of it that he could at the time. Getting the text down to a credit card sized piece of paper was, and is, a challenge beyond ordinary word processors  -and to the eyesight of the over 50s. Clarity and brevi
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      "Be polite but refuse" ?
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