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How to Talk About Naturism 2017

Andrew Welch

About This File

Our 'Just One Person' campaign renews the focus on telling friends and others about Naturism. Here is an updated version of "How to Talk about Naturism" to help you in those conversations. It is a document that helps us all to deliver the same, consistent message about Naturism, answer queries, deal with the awkward questions, emphasise the good things, dispel the myths and misunderstandings - and inspire people to get involved, or, at least, change their perception.

It's a useful crib sheet when talking to friends, family, neighbours, work-colleagues, the Media, people in Authority, venue owners and managers and more.

We keep it constantly under review, so please let us know as and when changes are required.

(Note - original name of document: "Our Promotional Messages")

What's New in Version 2017   See changelog


  • Updated version dated November 2017
  • Updated message and layout
  • Removed Membership Information (refer to web site for the latest info)

User Feedback

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...and we’re all unique.

No, we are each unique; we can't be all unique.


We’re not anti-clothes

Well, some of us are: I hate the damned things, and always have done. My idea of hell is an endless shopping trip looking for trousers that fit me, or shoes! Clothes should not be sold as they are now: the norm should be that each of us has a tailor who will measure us and make clothes that fit!


Naturist people have sex like anyone else

“Naturist people have sex (or don't) like anyone else”, is what I would prefer.


Naturist places tend to have entry requirements and secure gates

That is true, but thereby we create a problem for ourselves in seeming “a race apart” to those on the outside of those gates.

However, a useful article overall: well done.


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I have never got nudity and sex mixed up.  i have worked in and around Hospitals for over 45 years and there need not be a relationship between acts of sex and people being naked. 

Many young people are brought up in an environment of fear and anxiety with regards to nudity.  i have brought up my family to think that being naked is how we enter this world and there is nothing to be worried about being nude.  I have enjoyed nudity in many countries and find those who practice it to be polite respectful and, may i suggest, well educated. 


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Posted (edited)

The idea of casually mentioning that you are a naturist in a conversation seems easiest for me.

Theres no need for a big crescendo beforehand just a friendly conversation.

Edited by Speedy

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