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  • Which Region am I in


    Within British Naturism we have six regions, and all members – clubs and individuals – are part of one of them:

    • Scotland, North of England and Northern Ireland (SANER).
    • North West.
    • Yorkshire and East Midlands.
    • Eastern.
    • South West.
    • London and South East (LASER).

    As a member of BN you are automatically allocated to a region based on your postcode and you can see which region you're in on the map at the bottom of this page. You will also see your region indicated alongside the postcode on your membership card. It doesn’t preclude you from getting involved in what’s happening elsewhere, though!

    What do Regions do?

    Regions have been part of BN since the beginning and they exist for a number of good reasons, including:

    • providing local points of contact and broadcasting information to members and enquirers;
    • running events;
    • being the eyes and ears for BN and helping us to keep up to date with what is happening;
    • taking action on local issues;
    • providing networking and sharing opportunities for clubs

    ...in short, being meaningful communities that help Naturism in the UK to thrive. Each also has a dedicated area in the “Region Talk” section of the BN Members’ Community.

    We’ve made some changes in the last few years to make them more effective and better reflect what’s needed in the 21st century. Still run entirely by volunteers, they are now less formal and more able to provide the services needed to BN and its members.

    Each region – and therefore BN – is stronger with more pairs of hands, so please do make contact with your regional team if you can spare a few hours to help. They will also welcome your ideas on what other activity there could be. The more that is going on in your region, the more value you will get from your BN membership.


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