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You don't need anything to be a Naturist - undress and you're there!

But if you do want to meet up with like-minded people who recognise that Naturism is a healthy past-time and way-of-life for both individuals and families alike, or help to promote the benefits of Naturism, then a membership of British Naturism is a great next step.

British Naturism, or BN for short, is the internationally recognised body for Naturism within the UK. We run a variety of fantastic events, in brilliant locations such as water parks, hotels, holiday parks, beaches, conference centres, sports centres, leisure centres, and spas; as well as campaign to promote Naturism and overcome prejudice in the Media and UK legal systems.

For less than £3.50 a month, you can become part of the most active, vibrant and meaningful Naturist community in the UK. You'll get lots in return, including:

  • A Welcome Gift Pack sent with your membership card, including a booklet on BN and Naturism (see picture), two recent copies of BN Magazine and a car sticker.
  • Four issues of our full colour, fully-illustrated, information-packed magazine with news and views from the UK and overseas delivered to your door.
  • Access to our vibrant online community, where there's discussion, Q&A, information, chat, blogs, downloads, and image galleries.
  • Members' only events and group holidays, other gatherings with discounts on entry prices.
  • A photo ID/membership card – proven to be useful in establishing your credentials with Authority figures, especially in times of trouble.
  • The BN Holiday advice service where a team of experts will help you to plan your holiday, suggesting locations, providing information, and bringing you up to speed with what to expect, in and out of the resort.
  • An International Naturist Federation (INF) card - essential for access to some overseas Naturist places, and discounts in others.

If you still need convincing, here's what we've been up to lately...

  • A couple of heatwaves, nakedness in TV programmes, celebrities stripping off and nude beach stories, led to masses of press coverage and allowed us to stand up for and promote Naturism.
  • We hosted great events such as Nudefest in a new location in Somerset, The Gathering in Scotland and a fantastic weekend at Alton Towers (yes, nude all weekend at Alton Towers!) all with a full activity programmes, entertainment and naked days out.
  • In Scotland, we broke the mould by hosting walks in the countryside with the blessing of the authorities.
  • We've organised holidays exclusively for BN members to Spain and Mallorca, with Lanzarote, with six more holidays already booking for 2017 including a spa weekend, a skiing trip and a cruise.
  • We were asked by to act as their media spokespeople and conduct around 30 radio interviews on stations all around the country.
  • We issued our ground breaking report Children Deserve Better and were treated as highly credible and knowledgeable commentators on modern life.
  • We engaged a professional social media manager and use Facebook and Twitter to reach new audiences and to normalise Naturism for the benefit of everyone.
  • We issued a variety of informative newsletters, including a quarterly one to clubs and their members on the many services available from their National organisation and especially how to gain new members.
  • We launched this new website, keeping the profile of Naturism in the UK high and up to date with the mobile world.
  • We hosted a symposium at the much-respected British Psychological Society conference.
  • ...and finally, we embarked on our big promotional initiative The Great British Skinny Dip, a National scheme with nude swimmers being welcomed by locations across the country, some brand-new to Naturism. This created a huge amount of media attention with millions of people hearing the message that Naturism is exhilarating, lots of fun, and really good for you. It's also the subject of a Channel 4 documentary to be screened shortly.

To find out more please visit our FAQ at Membership Questions.

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