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    Information about BN Memberships
    1. Membership Subscription Rates (fees)

      Further information about BN membership is available by following the links below: Discover the benefits of BN Membership at https://www.bn.org.uk/membershipinfo Join online at https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/signup Renew your membership at https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/member Notes on the membership options: "Couple" applies to two people living at the same address and the applicable fee is based on the age of the elder. "Overseas" applies to one or two people living at the same non-UK postal address. (Magazines are not included in this subscription.) "Students" must be in full time education. "YBN" age is from 18 to 35.    
    2. What membership types does BN Offer

      British Naturism (BN) offers a range of fee based memberships for both individuals and couples. Individual memberships are based on three age brackets; under 65, 65 to 79 and aged 80 and over. Couple memberships are available to two people living at the same address and offers a discount on two equivalent individual memberships. You should select a couple membership based on the older of the two people. We offer discounted memberships for young people, students and people based overseas. For information about the benefits of membership please refer to https://www.bn.org.uk/membershipinfo For information on the current subscription rates please refer to https://www.bn.org.uk/guides/memberships/membership-subscription-rates-fees-r38/ If you wish to join BN as a member you may do so online at https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/signup If you are an existing member and wish to check your membership record, update your personal details (e.g. address), or renew your membership you may do so online at https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/member Please note that the above information refers to paid memberships that would entitle you to the benefits described. It is also possible to register with BN without becoming a paid member but there are no benefits associated with these registrations. Examples include: Registering to use the shop (or when making purchases from the shop). This registration is free to non-members. Members should not register in this way but should log into the website using their membership login details as they grant access to the shop. Signup for free email newsletters. Non-members may sign up through the main website. Members should access their membership details and make their newsletter selections there.  
    3. How do I join BN

      Overview The easiest and most convenient method for most people is to join online at https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/signup as you may instantly and securely pay by credit/debit card or set up a Direct Debit. (Note: BN does not retain your bank details as they are held securely by third party providers specialising in payment processing.) Alternatively, you may join offline by contacting the BN Head Office by email, phone or post (details at the bottom of the page). When paying offline you may pay by cheque in addition to the methods listed above. Individual Memberships If you wish to join as an individual then you can do so in three easy steps: Complete our online application form. When you submit the form you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. Please click on the link in the email to ensure that we have recorded your correct details. Depending on which payment option you chose, you will then be invited to complete your purchase. Note: Before you can access the benefits of membership (in particular, before you are granted access to the online forum and gallery in the Members' only area of the website) your application will have to complete the manual approval process. If you have provided ALL the required details then this manual approval process typically takes a day or two. If your application is incomplete then it will not be approved and you will not be able to access all the benefits of membership. Note: For your convenience the online signup process does not force you to complete all your details. In particular, it is recognised that many applicants do not have a suitable passport style photo at the time of signup so we allow the application to proceed anyway. If this applies to you then it is essential that you subsequently log into the membership system (https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/member) and update any missing details including uploading a photo. If you do not do this then your application will not be approved and you will not receive a membership card. Step 1: Sign Up for your membership If you have previously been a member of BN then you should log into your BN membership account and "Renew" your membership. If you have forgotten your username or password then you may reset your password online using the email address that you used for your previous registration. Alternatively, you may contact Head Office. If you have NOT previously been a member of BN then you may sign up as a new member by connecting to https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/signup where you will find the online application form. Complete all fields. If you omit information then your application will not be approved. If you do not have a suitable ID photo then the system will allow you to continue with your application but it will not be approved until you have provided an ID photo. In this case you will need to log back into the membership at a later date and upload your ID photo. Note: The ID photo must be a clear passport style head-and-shoulders photo of just you. Step 2: Select your membership type and payment method There are several different membership types available. The standard "Individual aged under 65" is the most expensive per head and other types of membership provide discount based on age, student status or sharing a postal address with another member. The following link will show you the current subscription fees for each type of membership: https://www.bn.org.uk/guides/memberships/membership-subscription-rates-fees-r38/ Step 3: Confirm you have read the terms and conditions After completing all your details read the terms and conditions and tick the box to confirm that you have done so. Step 4: Read your email and click the link in the Membership message When you click "Next" a message will be sent to the email address that you have provided. Please check your spam folder in case the email goes there by mistake. The email should arrive within 5 minutes. The email will contain a link to verify your email address and to allow you to proceed to the next stage. The contents of the email will look similar to the following. You must either click the link or copy and paste the entire link (as outlined in the red box). You must do this within 36 hours otherwise the link will expire and you will have to repeat the process. Step 5: Making the payment When you click the link or copy and paste the link then you will return to the membership system in order to make your payment. The precise content of the screen will depend upon the payment method that you have chosen and the agreement (if any) will be relevant to the payment method. The following example is for credit/debit card payment. The agreement explains how and when payments will be taken from your card and you must tick the box to confirm your acceptance of the agreement and then click "Next". And then the payment page: Couple Memberships Our range of couples memberships offer a significant discount over the equivalent individual memberships and have the added bonus of allowing both memberships to be managed through a single annual payment. Couple memberships are available to two people living at the same address. You will each receive an individual membership card and each have your own account on our website community, but will only receive one magazine and other mailings. Step 1: Purchase your Couples membership The first step is to purchase a couples membership package. Please follow the steps above for an individual membership, but make sure to select one of the 'couple' membership packages. You can select the package that corresponds to the higher of your two ages - for example if one of you is aged 63 and the other 67, you can select the 'couples aged 65 - 79' package. At this stage you will be asked to enter the details of the first person on the membership form. We will add the partner details below. Step 2: Login to your new account Once you have purchased a couples membership you will be invited to login to your new account. Log in at https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/member Take action on any of the red messages. In this example, the payment has not been made and the ID photo has not been uploaded. You may use the "Customer Profile" tab at the top of the page to access and update your profile. Step 3: Create your partner's account. Once you have logged-in to your new account you will be able to add and edit your own personal details as well as view your payments and manage your renewals. If you have successfully purchased a couples membership you will see a tab labelled 'Family Members'. Click on this tab...   ... and then you will be able to add your partner's details. Complete all the details... Step 4: Update your Partner's details Once you have created your partner's account he/she can then login to their own account and enter their personal details. Note: Some information must be updated on the account of the primary member, not the family member. For example, the postal address can only be updated on the primary member account as both members in a couple must share the same postal address. As another example, the BN magazine can only be selected on the primary member account because only one magazine is sent per couple's membership. Having one of our couple memberships is not only good value for money but it enables you to manage your memberships through a single payment whilst having the freedom and flexibility of having your own online accounts and separate access to our online community.
    4. Why do we need a Photo ID

      One of the many benefits which comes from a BN membership is a photo-ID membership card. The card demonstrates that you are a member both of BN as well as the International Naturist Federation. The card is widely used by a range of naturist venues as a form of ID and many venues require this before allowing admission. You will need your membership card in order to vote at BN's AGM. Please provide a passport style photo conforming to "UK Photo-ID Standards" - as used for UK Passports, Driving licenses, etc. If you do not provide a photo then your membership will not be approved and you will not be able to access all the benefits of membership.
    5. Which Region am I in

      Introduction Within British Naturism we have six regions, and all members – clubs and individuals – are part of one of them: Scotland, North of England and Northern Ireland (SANER). North West. Yorkshire and East Midlands. Eastern. South West. London and South East (LASER). As a member of BN you are automatically allocated to a region based on your postcode and you can see which region you're in on the map at the bottom of this page. You will also see your region indicated alongside the postcode on your membership card. It doesn’t preclude you from getting involved in what’s happening elsewhere, though! What do Regions do? Regions have been part of BN since the beginning and they exist for a number of good reasons, including: providing local points of contact and broadcasting information to members and enquirers; running events; being the eyes and ears for BN and helping us to keep up to date with what is happening; taking action on local issues; providing networking and sharing opportunities for clubs ...in short, being meaningful communities that help Naturism in the UK to thrive. Each also has a dedicated area in the “Region Talk” section of the BN Members’ Community. We’ve made some changes in the last few years to make them more effective and better reflect what’s needed in the 21st century. Still run entirely by volunteers, they are now less formal and more able to provide the services needed to BN and its members. Each region – and therefore BN – is stronger with more pairs of hands, so please do make contact with your regional team if you can spare a few hours to help. They will also welcome your ideas on what other activity there could be. The more that is going on in your region, the more value you will get from your BN membership.
    6. How do I manage Recurring Payments

      In order to help you manage your membership, all of our online payments (credit/debit card and direct debit) are setup to renew automatically. This ensures that you never miss-out on any membership benefits. If you do wish to cancel a recurring payment then you can do this at any time.  Simply log into the membership system and on the summary page click on 'cancel' next to the membership subscription that you wish to cancel. (Note: This does not cancel your membership, only the automatic recurring payment. Your annual membership will continue until its normal expiry date. You may renew manually or by setting up a new recurring payment.) You may also use the membership system to update your payment card details (for example, if your card has expired or you want to change to a different card) and to review your payments history.  
    7. How secure is my personal information

      Overview BN takes its responsibility for protecting your personal data very seriously. BN is compliant with the DPA (Data Protection Act) and with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). It is important to understand the difference between the BN membership system and the rest of the BN website. The membership system might appear to be part of the main website but is actually a more secure system within a system. Membership system Some of the steps that we take to ensure that your data is correctly stored and used are: We only store data which you submit to us and only use it to help manage your membership with us. The data is stored on a dedicated server with standard Internet security mechanisms in place. Data is backed up within the secure data centre for disaster recovery purposes. Access to your information is restricted to the minimum number of people possible. (Obviously, that means that the Head Office staff can access your data, but as an example, not even the Executive Committee members have direct access.) We never share your data with any external organisations except where this is necessary to administer your membership (for example to process membership subscriptions through our credit/debit card processing agent or Direct Debit processing agent). Email addresses are not shared or sold on to other parties. If you sign up for newsletters then your email address is passed on to Mailchimp but they will only use your email address on behalf of BN and not for their own purposes. At all times you have control over this and may cancel your newsletter subscriptions at any time via the membership system. We do not hold any of your bank or card details in our system. Bank account details and credit/debit card details are only retained and processed by our 3rd party specialist secure payment processors. Credit/debit card details do not even transit via our systems but go directly from your device to the 3rd party processor over a secure (encrypted) connection. Information in the membership system is not passed on to the rest of the website and is not available to other members. Members' Area of main website The members' area of the main website is on our dedicated server. We DO NOT "collect" information from you for the main website. If you choose to add a profile picture or any other personal information to the main website then you have chosen to do that - we have not collected the data. What you post in the members' area of the website is visible to other members but cannot be accessed or viewed by non-members. It is important to note that lapsed/expired members and those who registered with BN as "shoppers" (i.e. only to access the shop) have no more access than any other non-member. Although the BN website itself is secure, it is important to note that the privacy of anything that you post in the members' area is dependent upon the good password management and account practices of other BN members. What is shared from the membership system Some information is shared from the membership system to the main website. The details are here: Your username, password and email address are passed from the membership system to the main website. This is the minimum information necessary to integrate the two systems so that you have the same login credentials on both systems. Out of username, password and email address, ONLY the username is visible to other members. If you would prefer to keep your full name private from other members then you should choose a username that is not the same as your full name. You may change your username via the membership system at any time. For your convenience a brief summary of other membership information is copied to your website profile but this is to a private area that is only visible to you. At no time is your membership photo transferred to the main website. Your responsibilities DO NOT SHARE your BN account with anyone else at any time - it is against the terms and conditions. The key points are: Your membership account with BN gives you access to the members' area of the website. If you were to share your account with others then they would be able to access the main website even though they would not be authorised to do so. Your membership account with BN allows you to manage and update your membership records. If you were to share your account with others then they would be able to update your account details. Note: That your membership account does not have access to the membership accounts of other members so even if someone else were to use your account they would be unable to access or update the membership details of anyone else. It is your responsibility at all times to keep your password secret and secure.  
    8. How do I setup a joint membership

      BN offers both individual and joint membership packages. One of the advantages of having a joint membership is that you get the simplicity of having a single subscription with the flexibility of still having individual membership cards and user accounts on our website. Once you have setup your joint membership you need to add your partner's details so he/she can access our website and receive a membership card. 1. Log into your account. You add your partners details from the main account which you have just setup. Firstly log into your own account and select the 'Family Members' tab: <add image>   2. Add your partner's details Select Add Family Member, complete the details and click 'save'. Tip: If you only have one email addess between you add a +1 before the @ symbol: e.g. myemail+1@test.com <add image> 3. Log into your partner's account Your partner will now be able to log into his/her new account and complete any missing information. Tip: Ensure that you upload an ID photo so that we can send out both membership cards. <add image>   ...and you're done!
    9. Why do I need to provide an email address

      BN uses email addresses for two quite distinct purposes: Account Management - to improve the quality of service that we provide to our members and to help to reduce costs (and the membership fee). Newsletters - a free service that members may choose to opt into in order to receive various information about naturism, included information about upcoming events. Use of this service is entirely optional - members may opt in or opt out (unsubscribe) at any time. Account Management Like many organisations BN is doing an increasing amount of its business online, either through our website or by email. This trend is likely to continue as conducting our business online not only reduces the impact on the environment (by reducing the use of paper mail) but saves us money and also allows us to provide you with a better service - for example emailing confirmation of when the direct debit payment will be taken from your bank. If we don’t hold a valid email address you might find it more tricky to manage your BN account online because if you forget your password then the password recovery email will not work – Catch-22! At BN we take our data protection responsibilities very seriously, and we guarantee never to allow third parties to access the personal information which you give us unless you have specifically agreed to this (for example, providing your Direct Debit details to our bank). It would therefore be of great help to us if you could provide us with an email address. Please use one of the following methods to update your email address: Log onto the membership system at https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/profile, update your email address and ‘Save’ your profile. Send an email to headoffice@bn.org.uk quoting your name, membership number and the email address that you would like to have added to our records. Telephone the office on 01604 620361 - and we can double-check that all of your details are up to date. If you have forgotten your password then please contact the office via email or telephone to have it reset. Newsletters The newsletter service is entirely optional. You may log into the membership system and use the newsletter preferences tab (https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/newsletter-preferences) to opt into or out of email newsletters. You may also select which categories of newsletters you would like to receive (for example, regional, national, or various special interests). The same email address will be used for newsletters as for account management, but as described here, newsletters may be disabled even when account management emails are enabled. Newsletters will contain information about BN and naturism in general. Newsletters will not contain quantities of adverts, third party material or other "spam". Newsletters are sent by Mailchimp on behalf of BN.
    10. Why do I need to provide my Date of Birth

      You need to provide your date of birth (and your partner's date of birth if you have a couples membership) so that we can ensure that you have the correct membership package. Some of the membership packages are only available to certain age groups, for example, YBN (youth) or packages for those over 80. The system attempts to calculate which packages are appropriate for your age so when you sign up or renew the process is simplified because you only have to select between 2 or 3 relevant subscriptions rather than the full range.   At renewal time the system attempts to automatically move you onto the correct package - which is almost always cheaper than your current package. For example, a person on the "Individual under 65" package would automatically be moved on to the "individual aged 65 to 79" package at their 65th birthday. At the time of writing that would represent a saving of £2 per annum. (Similarly, the move from the "65 to 79" package to the "over 80" package would represent a saving of £6 per annum.)  
    11. How to check and update your personal information

      It is extremely important that you keep your membership details up to date. Most members find that the most convenient method is to check and update their details online. If you are unable to do this then please contact Head Office and inform them of any changes to your details. If our records are not up to date then you may not be able to receive the full benefits of membership: If your postal address is not correct then you may not receive BN magazines, voting papers, membership cards, or other important information. If your email address is not correct then you will not receive important notifications such as renewal reminders, payment receipts, etc. as well as being unable to do password recovery/reset online (if you forget your password). To update your personal information online follow these steps: Step 1: Login If you are not already logged into the BN website then you may connect to https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/member and log in. If you are already logged into the BN website then you may click either the head-and-shoulders icon or else use the drop-down from your avatar and select "Membership Settings (private)" as shown in the following image. Either method will take you to the membership system and you should be automatically logged in. <add image> Step 2: Your Membership Summary Once you're logged into the site you will see a summary page which provides an overview of your current membership as well as some handy links to other content.  The exact layout of this screen may vary depending on what type of membership you have.  For now you simply need to click on the 'Customer Profile' tab or else the "Edit Profile" link. Step 3: Review and Edit Your Profile The 'Edit Profile' page is the place where you can edit all of your membership data as well as upload an ID photo.
    12. How to Renew your Membership

      You may renew your membership online or by contacting BN Head Office. Most of our members find it more convenient to renew their membership online but if you wish to contact the office in order to have them assist you with your renewal then you may do so using one of the following methods: Telephone Head Office on 01604 620361 between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday. Email Head Office at headoffice@bn.org.uk at any time (although emails will only be processed during office hours). Write to Head Office at British Naturism, 30-32 Wycliffe Road, Northampton, NN1 5JF If you would prefer to renew online then follow the instructions below: Connect to the membership system If you are already logged into the main website then you may click the head-and-shoulders icon or use the dropdown (shown below) to connect directly to the membership system. (Your login details are the same for the main website and the membership system so you should be logged in automatically without needing to take any additional action.) Once you have connected to the membership system you should select the "Renewal Form" (see below): Alternatively, (for example, if you are not logged in) then you may connect directly to the membership renewal page by connecting to https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/renew/ and you will be prompted to log in. If you do not know your username or password then you may follow the procedure in the following document to recover/reset your password: https://www.bn.org.uk/guides/not-logged-in/what-is-my-username-and-password-members-only-r10/ Renew your membership Once you have logged into the membership system and selected the "Renewal Form" you should be able to renew your membership. The following image shows an example of part of the renewal form. The renewal form should be straightforward to complete. The green boxes in the example above show you who to contact if you experience any problems or have any questions. If you are presented with a pink/red warning box (as in this example) then please read the message because it will explain why you cannot renew online. (Generally, the system attempts to protect you from mistakes such as paying twice, so if you have paid recently then the system will prevent you from paying again.) Select the membership type that you want. The system will make this simpler for you by only displaying membership types that seem to be relevant to you. (You may find the full range of membership types and the corresponding fees here: https://www.bn.org.uk/guides/memberships/membership-subscription-rates-fees-r38/ ) Select how you want to pay Read and then accept the various agreements Finally, complete the payment details and submit them to the system.  
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