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    Life Drawing for Schools

    Artists and art teachers have promoting the idea that schools should have regular life drawing classes with fully nude models. 

    Anne Noble-Partridge said that life drawing in schools could teach children about real human bodies before their ideas become corrupted by the nonsense we see on social media. ‘You are accepting of whatever you are looking at, whether they are old, or overweight, or hairy. You introduce young people and children who haven't got ingrained prejudices, ideas of disgust, or appropriateness. When somebody takes their clothes off they are just human beings. It really gets rid of any prejudices as to what a body should look like. It's great for body positivity.’

    There are no Government rules on life drawing in schools indeed a few schools already include it in their curriculum; nudity in the classroom is entirely down to the discretion of head teachers; a fact that delights the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT).

    Sarah Hannafin, the union’s senior policy advisor told the Telegraph, 'Schools are best placed to make decisions about visitors coming into schools to enhance the curriculum and support pupils learning. Schools will have policies in place which would apply to any visitors to ensure pupils are safeguarded.

    'Schools should have the freedom to determine the right curriculum to engage, inspire and motivate all pupils. Schools know their pupils best and so can consider their needs, age and stage of development when making these curriculum decisions.'


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