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    New online fitness sessions announced!

    We're never resting on our laurels - in fact there are so many opportunities for exercise in our online programme we're hardly resting at all!

    Following the recent launch of our new GroovX Stix class, we're bringing you TWO new GroovX classes starting next week.

    On Monday at 9.30am participate in GroovX Flow - a slow, movement-based class set to relaxing music that helps you get fit and improve your strength, posture and mobility.

    On Wednesday at 4pm join in GroovX Gold - perfect if you are slightly older, or recovering from injury, it is low impact, low intensity and features plenty of 70's dance moves.

    These new classes join our existing GroovX Stix class on Tuesday at 7.45pm - a fast-paced class using drumsticks to bash out some explosive dance moves.

    Check out all the online sessions - interviews, exercise and fitness, meditation, coffee morning, pub night and more. 

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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