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    Open-air skinny dips announced for this week!

    Regular website visitor will be fully aware of British Naturism's outreach project, The Great British Skinny Dip which aims to:

    • Encourage acceptance and participation in Naturism across the nation and beyond
    • Promote greater understanding of Naturism and Social Nudity
    • Promote the benefits of naturism including body confidence and wellbeing
    • Raise Funds for the British Heart Foundation

    So far this year, we're listing exactly 100 dips in 29 separate venues - most of them are locations where those pesky, unnecessary, pointless swimming costumes are usually mandatory. Looks like 'outreach' is working...

    This week sees two of those venues host further events. Racehub is '... a fantastic open water swimming venue which welcomes swimmers at all levels of ability from complete beginners to athletes, and is used by British Triathlon, local triathlon clubs and hobby swimmers for individual and group sessions.' Obviously keen on skinny dipping having already hosted two events this year, they've just announced a third and fourth! This week's dip (on Thursday) is also exclusively for women.

    Arundel Lido offers outdoor swimming with heated pools in a stunning setting of the picturesque town of Arundel and in the South Downs National Park in West Sussex. They have hosted events in previous years (see picture) and have just announced TWO for 2022. The first is this coming Sunday, 7 August with the next on 3rd September

    See you there!

    It's not too late for more events to be arranged, listed and promoted! Get in touch if you'd like to help - or find information on how to organise a skinny dip on our website. 

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