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    The Forum Live: BBC World Service

    I'm delighted to announce that our guest next Monday (5 October) will be Caroline Steel.

    Caroline is a BBC science radio producer. She produces CrowdScience on the World Service, a weekly science show that answers science questions from audience members all over the world. She also produces Bad People, a BBC Sounds true crime podcast. Outside of pandemics Caroline presents explosive science shows on stage for large audiences at the Royal Institution.

    The most recent episode of CrowdScience tacked the question, 'Why am I embarrassed to be naked?' Caroline and colleague Anand (pictured) travelled to British Naturism Sunfolk and asked that question of Naturists. You can listen to the programme here.

    So, we'll be talking to Caroline about her work at the BBC, how the programmes come together - and her experience of stripping off...

    Book your place here!

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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