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    Trustees’ Week 2023

    It’s #TrusteesWeek!  The time of year when we celebrate the amazing contribution made by trustees for their charities, not-for-profit and voluntary organisations and recognise the difference they make.

    Trustees’ Week is an annual event held during November (this year 6-10 November 2023) to showcase the great work people do as trustees, directors and committee members and provide opportunities for everyone to get involved and make a difference.  This year’s theme is ‘Many voices. Working together. With purpose’.  It’s a time to celebrate the achievements of trustees across the UK and to thank them for the time, commitment, and effort they bring to our charities, not-for-profit and voluntary organisations.

    Charities, not-for-profit and voluntary organisations make a huge and positive impact on society and are dedicated to an enormous variety of good causes.  This year we celebrate the individual talents, viewpoints and experiences each trustee brings to their board and their collective decision making and how diversity can help make a trustee-led organisation stronger.


    Many voices. Working together. With purpose

    A recent face-to-face BN Executive Committee meeting with the new team on board was held in Solihull.  It was indeed an opportunity to work together and to hear the many voices present, as well as contributions voiced on the forum by members in response to the recent call for ideas about campaigning ideas.  There was a clear agenda with purpose, with key decisions made about:

    • Budget 2024
    • 5 Year Vision
    • Objectives and Delivery Plan 2024
    • Campaigns 2024
    • 60th Anniversary
    • Events 2023/2024
    • YBN Strategy


    Volunteering as a Director/EC Member can be very rewarding and puts you at the heart of the organisation’s governance and decision making ..… you are literally in the room where it happens.


    If you want to contribute to change for something you believe in – get engaged.

    I enjoy being involved, being able to influence the organisation and to ensure my views are heard, even if not always accepted.  It also keeps me very busy!

    I want to be part of a team willing to actively promote the benefits of naturism; to help normalise nudity to the wider public; to achieve acceptance that there is nothing unusual about the naked body.  To educate!

    I like being a member of the EC because I can help shape the future and I enjoy being part of a team.


    Getting On Board – Turning Passion into Purpose

    Interested in trusteeship?  Turn your passion for naturism into purpose through volunteering with British Naturism – harnessing your passion, experience and skills and putting them to good use as a member of the BN Executive Committee.

    British Naturism currently has opportunities for members to serve on the BN Executive Committee in the following roles:

    Chair – enabling the Executive Committee to fulfil its responsibilities for the overall governance and strategic direction of the organisation.

    Find further information here 

    Finance Director – overseeing the organisation’s financial affairs and assisting the Directors and the Executive Committee to fulfil their duties and responsibilities for the proper financial governance of the organisation. 

    Find further information here

    Campaigns Officer – leading and coordinating the development of new and existing campaigns that promote and normalise naturism and social nudity as a healthy lifestyle.

    Find further information here

    Regional Organiser (Eastern) – coordinating and promoting a programme of naturist activities and opportunities in the Eastern Region; leading the delivery of the organisation's aims and objectives and representing the interests and views of members in the region. 

    Find further information here

    Minutes Secretary – responsible for taking the minutes of Directors’/Management Team meetings, Executive Committee meetings and General Meetings. 

    Find further information here


    If you prefer a regional role, Regional Teams are always on the lookout for new volunteers to take on a specific role (such as Sports Officer, PRO, Event Organisers etc.).

    Applications are welcomed from individuals of all ages and backgrounds.  British Naturism supports the Women on Boards initiative and welcomes applications from women and others to bring fresh experience and perspectives to the governance of BN.



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