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Naked Yoga Workshop


London and South East (LASER)
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An exciting opportunity to attend full day Naked Yoga Vinyasa Nixitsya - Standing Posture Series for more experienced practitioners, in Brighton with Annette from Naked Yoga London. 

Vinyasanixitsya;  An Exploration into Accessing a Series of Asymmetrical Standing Postures with Balance, Effortlessness and Integrity

Putting into practice and challenging further what we have covered in both the Foundation and Level 2 Courses.  This workshop focusses on establishing support and effortless balance in the body through the integration of bandhas,  throughout a series of progressive standing postures . 

This workshop is suitable for people who have experience of practicing The Dynamic Yoga Method, preferably having attended both the Foundation and Level 2 Courses with Annette, and have felt comfortable with working at that level, or for those who have substantial experience of another good yoga practice. 

Annette is a renowned teacher and her classes are taught in the Dynamic Yoga Method. This practice comes from a point of non-duality, embracing the whole, both spiritual and the sensual. It is based on sensitivity, honesty and openness to what is actually happening, respecting and responding to the body's innate intelligence.

For full details of this foundation course, please visit the website below for booking and directions.



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